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Direction of the X-Men in the MCU...Where would you like it all to go?

Where would you like the storyline of the xmen to weave now? Your thoughts please....
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Personally I believe that they should do a Mr. Sinister flick at some point, eventually build up to House of M in another film then use all of the spin offs(Legion, New Mutants, Gambit!!!) to support it. And another couple of movies in between tying everything together but heavily focusing on one or two characters at a time Cable, Deadpool+Domino, etc. . Come on. The amount of money these studios make on this property is stupid. At least put it back into some movies with Chris Claremont storylines and characters.... Side note.. Gambit needs a GOOD Script! Make it an Oceans movie with a twist. He's robbing from Essex and when he's caught Essex tampers with his XGene to cause his powers to grow out of control. What happens next with the Morlocks would add so much depth to the story. His relationship with rogue if properly built up in the movies would be heartbreaking to watch crumble. They don't all need huge budget actors, or budgets. A good story and and artistic direction on the part of the director are more than enough to satisfy this fan. Just MORE MOVIES.
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