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Adrian is a new mutant, protagonist and playable character in X-Men: Destiny.


Born in Los Angeles, California, Adrian is the son of an anti-mutant extremist who was killed in battle. His father's associates called themselves the "Purifiers". Under their care, Adrian was educated to hate all mutants and brought up to seek revenge for his father's murder. The Purifiers have trained Adrian to be a soldier in their "pure-blooded" army.



  • Suits: Suits provide the wearer with multiple power-up when combined with their respective X-Gene Sets.
  • X-Gene: Collectible Items, they augment the user's existing powers in order to aide them in combat. There are Offensive, Defensive, and Utility type X-Genes.


  • Baton: A Purifier's baton has an electrical charge running through it.


  • Adrian is voiced by Scott Porter
  • It is implied that Adrian acquires the Shadow Matter mutant ability.