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Daniel Henney as Agent Zero.

Agent Zero (also known as Christopher Nord and David North) appears in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a member of Team X played by Daniel Henney.


Agent Zero does not possess mutant ability but is a lethal marksman and Stryker's second in command. He and Victor Creed are the only ones from Team X that stayed faithful and loyal to Stryker. When Wolverine breaks out from the Weapon X facility, Zero pursues him, to an old barn belonging to an elderly couple who have taken Wolverine in. He kills them and tries attacking in a helicopter but Wolverine collides into his helicopter in midair. After he is brought down and bloody, he begins mocking Wolverine about how "good, innocent people die around him" Wolverine ignites a trail of fuel with his claws that causes the helicopter to explode, ruthlessly and brutally killing Zero who is trapped inside. This version of the character is depicted as being exceptionally ruthless - killing several innocent civilians over the course of the film in order to complete his mission. His powers in the film are enhanced strength, speed, agility and accuracy with firearms. The character is repeatedly referred to as Zero, rather than using his given name. But do we know if he actually died? He has a quicker healing factor than Logan so that explosion couldn't have killed him.


  • In the video game adaptation of the film, his name is given as David Nord.
  • One of the "powers" was originally intended to have was that he lacked a scent. This was edited out along with the scene where Wolverine cuts down a forest to find him.