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Beth Al-Reraph is a mutant teleporter who was revealed to be Magneto's first true recruit from his original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. With her aid, he would acquire technology from alien civilizations, which would automatically give him advantage over the contemporary human military forces. However, she did not share Magneto’s goals - merely wanting riches, not power. The two parted ways as enemies. She resurfaced years later, reviving Magneto (who had been mindwiped by Professor X) and creating a clone of him. Astra ordered the clone to kill Magneto, but Magneto was able to take the clone down. After the battle, the clone woke up amnesiac, thinking he was the real Magneto. The clone was given the name "Joseph" by a nun, and became affiliated with the X-Men. Astra later returned and attempted to use Joseph against Magneto and the X-Men. She had Joseph attack Magneto while he was controlling the Earth's magnetosphere, which severely disrupted Earth's magnetic field. Joseph died repairing the damage, causing Astra to flee. Before her final exit, Astra alluded to knowing of Nightcrawler since he was a child. Astra was mentioned by Apocalypse as having been dealt with, but her current status is unknown. She last appeared in a flashback to her early Brotherhood days, where it was revealed that she saw Nightcrawler while looking for potential recruits for the Brotherhood with Magneto.

Powers and Abilities


The nature and range of Astra's powers remain unknown. Her true mutant power seems to be her teleportation abilities, the full extent of which have yet to be revealed. In addition, Astra has many advanced scientific gadgets at her disposal, including non-ferrous airships and wrist devices/ionic gauntlets capable of producing devastating energy blasts.