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Berzerker using his power with Scot in the Background

Bezerker, Ray Crisp, is a mutant and a new member of the X-Men.

Before the X-Men

Berzerker is rumoured among fans to be a former Morlock before he enrolled in the Institute and joined the New Mutants. This is only vaguely hinted within two episodes, but is highly likely, given that his counterpart in the comics was one. In both episodes, he is shown to be familiar with the Morlocks. In the season 3 premiere, he led his fellow New Mutants - besides Iceman, who was with the senior X-Men team - to the Morlocks' base in the sewers, and in "X-treme Measures", seemed to know the Morlocks very well.


Like many of the New Recruits Berzerker isn't afraid to have fun, but when the situation becomes serious he will strike hard and quick.

He's a teenager who has a bad temper. Much like Roberto (Sunspot), he is quick to take offense. He refuses to admit when he's wrong, and will never be first to back down. He confessed to Wolverine that he didn't want to go to class because he doesn't like Physics.

Berzerker was attached to the series because the staff were looking for a character that had a 'bad guy' image and Ray became the most suitable for the role.

Powers and Abilities

Berzerker's mutant powers allow him to generate and control pulsing bolts of electrical energy.

X-Men uniform

Berzerker in his Uniform!

Berzerker's uniform is the same as all the other newly recruited Mutants. It consists of a black bodysuit with two red badges with a black 'X' which are on either sides of his shoulders, yellow gloves and boots and a yellow belt with the same red badge with the black 'X'.

In other Media

  • In the Comics, Berzerker is a one-issue semi-villainous character. His comic counterpart can fly, use his powers to listen to television or radio broadcasts. A confrontation between him and a mind-controlled Storm in the TV series' final episode could possibly be a reference to his death in the comics: after the police had killed his girlfriend, Scaleface, Berserker blamed the X-Men for the whole event and attacked Cyclops. Cyclops was forced to fire his optic beams in retaliation, and Berserker was knocked into a nearby body of water while fully charged, electrocuting himself and killing him. This was referenced in the fight against Storm; when he was about to deal a final blow - having obtained extra power from the lightning bolts she'd hit him with, she made it rain, which was enough to knock him out.
  • In X-Men Evolution he was voiced by Tony Sampson.