The Black Womb Project was a secret experimental program initiated by the United States government years ago in order to study genetics as well as growing signs of mutation. Thus, scientists attached to the programme began to study the development of Mutants and did not interfere even if the genetic abnormalities were capable of being fixed. Members of the Black Womb Project included both Brian Xavier and Kurt Marko who allowed Dr. Nathan Milbury to experiment within their sons. The Project also experimented on thousands of mutant babies, including Mortimer Toynbee.


Dr. Nathan Milbury - Head scientist

Dr. Amanda Mueller - Ancestor of Cyclops, Havok, and Vulcan

Dr. Brian Xavier - father of Charles Xavier

Dr. Kurt Marko - father of the Juggernaut/step-father of Charles Xavier

Irene AdlerMystique's lover/Rogue's unofficial co-foster mother

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