Bonebreaker was the leader of the original Reavers, a gang of cyborgs living in a ghost town in Australia, who perpetrated robberies across the globe. Bonebreaker, as well as Pretty Boy and Skullbuster, avoided being sent through the Siege Perilous along with the other Reavers after being defeated by the X-Men. Following their defeat, Bonebreaker sought out Donald Pierce and Lady Deathstrike to aid in rebuilding the Reavers and defeating the X-Men. At this point, Pierce took over Bonebreaker's role as the Reavers leader. The Reavers never ended up battling the X-Men but encountered Wolverine, beat him half to death, and crucified him. After Wolverine escaped, the Reavers attacked Muir Island where they battled the Muir Island X-Men and Freedom Force, killing Sunder, Stonewall, and Destiny before being defeated. After the Muir island massacre, Bonebreaker and the other Reavers continued to attack various heroes and mutants such as Wolverine, Emma Frost's factories, Rogue, and the Punisher. When Pierce was creating Albert and Elsie-Dee as a trap for Wolverine, Bonebreaker accidentally gave Elsie-Dee the maximum artificial intelligence instead of that of a 5 year old. As a result Elsie-Dee and Albert decided that Wolverine was a noble person and foiled Pierce's plans. As part of the Upstarts' competition, Trevor Fitzroy sent his Sentinel to attack Pierce and the Reavers. The Sentinels arrived in Australia and quickly dispatched the Reavers. Bonebreaker was among the other Reavers reassembled by Pierce and the Shadow King, who attacked the X-treme X-Men. After being defeated again, the Reavers were handed over to the police.

Powers and Abilities


Bonebreaker possesses augmented strength


He is proficient in the use of a wide variety of conventional firearms, from pistols to automatic rifles.



Bonebreaker´s cyborg skin gives him good protection against physical and energy attacks


Motorized chassis propelled by tank treads in place of his legs


Bonebreaker's chassis is outfitted with a vast array of weaponry, including anti-aircraft missile launchers and machine guns.

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