Captive Hearts is an episode in the 1992 X-men cartoon series. It is the fifth episode in the first season.


  • Training in the danger room - patterned after attacks in the field. The turrtes were disabled, but Storm's clausterphobia put the team at risk when the walls started closing in.
  • Wolverine is recovering but not healed yet.
  • Jean Grey and Cyclops encounter the Morlocks, when one of them steals a few fruit. After a short encounter, where they try protecting the crowd against the Morlocks, they get captured.
  • During the stay, Leech disables Cyclops' optic blast. He mentions that sunlight fuels his power.
  • Callisto wants Cyclops to rule beside her, trying to hold Jean Grey as a prisoner. However, Jean Grey breaks free of her bonds, and manages to alert Professor X before being knocked out.
  • The X-Men, led by Storm, enter the subway. Storm is uncomfortable, but proceeds anyway. However, they are followed by some of the Morlocks.
  • They catch up with Jean Grey, but she is hypnotized by Annalee to believe that she is a daughter. When Annalee tries tricking Wolverine that he's covered in scorpions, it has little effect in preventing the attack.
  • Callisto tries bluffing that Cyclops was dead. Wolverine calls the bluff by ramming his claws next to Cyclops, causing Ape to jump up and run away.
  • After a battle between the X-Men and Morlocks, Callisto runs. Wolverine gives chase, and finds where Cyclops is kept. When he tries tells the X-Men its time to leave, Annalee tries using empathic powers to try getting Wolverine to kill Cyclops, only to be stopped by Jean Grey.
  • Callisto tries to impose an ultamtum by threatening to kill cyclops and the X-men one at a time until the leader agrees to the terms. However, Storm challenges Callisto to the leadership of the tribe and for Cyclops, threatening to lost the respect of the tribe.
  • Storm wins the duel, but does not kill Callisto. She offers safe haven to the Morlocks, who decline until mutants are accepted among humankind. Storm will return to the surface, with Callisto ruling in her place.
  • At the end, Wolverine is missing from his room - the photo of Cyclops and Jean Grey is torn in half.


  • Gambit's head appears to move behind the goo that was stuck to the wall.

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