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Rain Boy’s past before he came to the Xavier Institute is unknown, but when he arrived at the school, he was placed on Gambit’s student squad. He seemed to be the youngest member of the team. However, he also showed a good knowledge of the workings of the X-Men, and also some fierce loyalty towards his teammates when he stood with Onyxx and Flubber in a possible coup against their trainer, Gambit, when they believed him to be taking advantage of newcomer Foxx, however, they were easily set straight. Later, Foxx turned out to be one of Mystique's disguises, and Rain Boy helped to try to calm Onyxx when he learned of this. He is believed to be depowered after M-Day, though this has yet to be confirmed.


Rain boy is a mass of living water and required a containment suit to hold a human shape. He was however able to expel himself as pressurized streams from his hands.