Cold Vengeance is Season 1, Episode 6 of the X-Men animated series.


At the end of the previous episode, Captive Hearts, Wolverine departed from the group because of his frustration and jealosy with Jean Grey. Cyclops believes that Wolverine can't be depended on because he would run out on his friends.

Wolvering went into Canada, but was stalked by Sabertooth. After a short battle, Wolverine is knocked into the icy water before escaping.

Meanwhile, Gambit and Cyclops have an argument concerning where Wolverine went. When Gambit mentioned that Wolverine probably went to Genosha, Professor X suggested that the team was under a lot of stress, and probably should take a vacation in order to unwind. Storm, Jubilee and Gambit were selected to attend.

Wolverine is collected by a small inuit camp in Baffin Island. The elder is surprised that he recovered quickly from the ice flow. When Wolverine helps out at the camp, being a strong fisherman and able to carry more than the others, one of the members of the camp is saddened as he walks out of camp, but is attacked by Sabertooth.

The group of three arrives at Genosha, with the reception being apparently friendly. However, the concierge discovers that they are mutants, and after directing them to a Bungalow, places a phone call.

Back at camp, Wolverine is challenged by the envious tribesman to perform a hunt. After a short paddle in a kayak, Wolverine stops and asks the real reason for the trip, before an explosion occurs at the fishing camp. Wolverine tracks down Sabretooth, and fights him, before tricking him into falling into the icy waters. He rescues the rest of the Inuit, who decide they need to move to another place.

At Genosha, the team seems ready to relax, only to be ambushed by enemies, and captured.

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