iThis is Episode Six of the X-Men Animated Series


Professor X discovers Genosha's acceptance of mutants, and Cyclops assigns Storm, Gambit and Jubilee to go on a tour there. Wolverine, meanwhile, leaves the X-Men in an attempt to find solitude in Canada. He is rendered unconscious during a confrontation with Sabretooth, and is rescued by a group of Eskimos whom he finds peace with. However, one of the villagers becomes jealous of Wolverine's popularity among them and leaves. He then teams with Sabretooth against Wolverine, and together they attempt to capture him. Sabretooth double-crosses him and holds the other Eskimos captive on top of a cliff whilst he is distracting Wolverine. Wolverine rescues the villagers after Sabretooth falls off the cliff into a river. Meanwhile, those in Genosha are attacked by an army of Sentinels.


Reviews of the episode said it was enjoyable despite criticism of some of the scenes and characterisations, such as the jealous villager and Cyclops. The opening sequence, which showed Wolverine skiing in Canada, has received praise, as have some of his other scenes and dialogue in the episode. However, the fight sequence at the end has been described to have been ruined by the shows censorship levels, as were many others in the series. In terms of the episodes backgrounds and animation, it is considered good among viewers in comparison to other episodes.[5]


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