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Cybelle was one of the Morlocks that lived outside of the main community of Morlocks, in the group called the Tunnelers, led by Berzerker. When the Marauders attacked the Morlocks, Cybelle along with other mutants, were trapped with the Marauders in a section of the tunnels. Cybelle started to sweat out of nervousness, and melted a wall. She attempted to help her fellow Morlocks by creating an escape route. Some Morlocks got out, but Cybelle was stabbed by one of Harpoon's spears and was killed.

Powers and Abilities


Pore secretion of a fast-acting acidic sweat.

In Other Media


  • Cybelle appears in X-Men: Evolution as a member of the Morlocks in Bayville living underground. In this series, Cybelle's abilities are a acidic secretion from the palms of her hands. She wears gloves like Rogue does, indicating she has no control over her powers.