Mark Sheppard was born in the fictional town of Bluewater Village as revealed in The New X-men. It was also revealed that his father was an acholholic and his mother died when he was young. He was a member of the Paragons squad at the Xavier institute. When Rahne Sinclair left the school, DJ agreed with his fellow teammates on the topic of wanting her back. He had black hair earlier in the series and his hair was longer but later it was usually gelled with his fringe up. His powers were never really explored as we saw little action from the Paragons. DJ's first name and codename were revealed in New X-Men v2, #24. His last name and powers were revealed only in the New X-Men Yearbook Special. He was transferred to the Paragons from the Corsairs some time between Academy X #2–12.


DJ was one of the many students depowered after M-Day. He and Preview were the only depowered members of the Paragons, although Preview was not on the bus of depowered students leaving the school. DJ, however was on the bus when William Stryker's Purifiers bombed it. When X-23 heard someone shouting "Help me!" she followed the voice. She found an-almost-dead Mark, with blood all over his mouth and abdomen. He was the only student from the bus who still alive when he was found. Elixir, who was with X-23, said "Don't worry buddy, I'll heal you". Elixir pressed his hands on Mark's abdomen but failed to heal him. Mark dies moments later. This was shown in Elixir and X-23's flashback of the bus explosion.

Powers and Abilities


Eclectic Mimicry: ability to control music to create various effects. Different styles of music create different effects, all depending on what he is listening to. For example, "hard" music like rock allows him to generate damaging blasts, classical music allows him to create forcefields and dance music enables him to create blinding lights.



CD player & Head Phones.


  • DJ was voted "Most flirtatious" in the New X-Men Yearbook Special
  • He was given the first name 'Mark' because on the Forums, he was referred to as M.A.R.K by posters.
  • It is suspected that DJ may have been based on Douglas Sangnoir, a character from the Villains and Vigilantes campaign setting Warrior's World, best known outside its circle of players as the protagonist of the fan fiction series Drunkard's Walk.
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