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Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, is a mutant human who was part of the Weapon X programme and was the Weapon XI in which he had multiple mutant abilities transplanted into his X gene, allowing him to use them at will.

Powers and Abilities

  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Immunity to his terminal cancer
  • Superhuman agility and reflexes (enhanced strength and stamina)
  • Expert swordsman/martial artist
  • Multilingual (fluent in Japanese, German, Spanish, etc.)


Weapon X Program

Wade was selected by William Stryker to join his Weapon Programme team along with other mutants Fred Dukes, John Wraith, Chris Bradley, Agent Zero, James Howlett and Victor Creed. They were sent on their first mission which was to infiltrate a diamond smuggling operation and Agent Zero took out the first defence and Wade then took out the defence in the head smugglers office with his swords. Stryker then took the smugglers paper weight and then went to a local village to ask where to find more of the rocks. Wade who spoke fluent local language and asked a man who would not give up the location because he felt it sacred. Victor was then let loose on the man which ended with James leaving the team. Thea team found more of the adamantium rocks which were collected by Stryker who then asked Wade to take part in his experimental Weapon XI programme which he agreed. He then underwent a procedure in which various mutant abilities were implanted into him allowing him to use them at free will but before his procedure could be completed, Stryker unplugged him with Wade looking hellish with his operation markins still visible and his face and mouth disfigured. Stryker ordered him to stop James escaping along with the other mutants and when the others tried to find another way, James fought Wade getting beat until Victor came to help James in revenge against Stryker who denied him the same procedure as James and the two fought Wade with Wade using his mutliple abilities to beat both until he teleported in front of James who cut his head off with his claws with his head still projecting optic blasts down into a cooling tower destroying the tower causing it to collapse. Wade's hand was still alive and was crawling around the wreckage of the tower and touched his head which then came back to life. In a nod to Deadpools tendancy to break the forth-wall in the comics, Wade motions silence with his hand and his head looks towards the audience.