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Dryad was raised by her father after her mother died. Her father is the famous mutant landscaper, Giancarlo Betto, whom Emma Frost credits for work all around the Xavier Institute. Being a mutant himself, he definitely supported his daughter when she showed signs of mutation, and was happy that his daughter shared his mutation. He trained her as best as he could, bringing them closer together as a result. Dryad was a member of the Corsairs, along with Specter, Quill and the Stepford Cuckoos, who leads the team. However, after Scarlet Witch's actions of M-Day, Dryad was depowered and boarded a bus with other depowered students leaving the Xavier Institute, after saying goodbye to Surge. She was killed when William Stryker fired a missile at the bus, blowing it up, killing the depowered students aboard as a result.

Powers and Abilities


Plant Control: Dryad can slow down, speed up, or reverse the growth rate of any plant within a twenty foot radius. She most commonly uses this power in combat, using vines and roots to wrap themselves around her opponents.

Plant Communication: Callie can communicate with plants as a telepath does with other people. (However, a plant cannot communicate with her if she had closed her mental link to them in her mind.) She rarely uses this power, and is even forgotten at times.