Evangeline Whedon is a lawyer and a member of the Mutant Rights Coalition. Evangeline used to be a successful prosecutor until others learned that she was a mutant. She was fired instantly and evicted from her apartment the next day. Her fiance left her and her family disowned her. When the X-Men members Bishop and Sage were being held in police custody, Whedon and the Mutant Rights League staged a protest for their release. While Evangeline was talking to Detective Cardones, a human struck Cardones with a brick. The blood from the wound dripped on to Whedon, and caused her to shape-shift. She transformed into a dragon like creature, and went out of control attacking everything in sight. Sage was able to stop Whedon momentarily, while Bishop calmed her down enough to revert back to her human form. Evangeline was soon contacted by the X-Men because they required her services as a lawyer. She represented Marie D'Ancanto in her case as an anti-mutant terrorist. She succeeded in helping Marie to avoid incarceration and she then hired her as an assistant. Evangeline is one of the few mutants to retain their powers after the events of M-Day and the 198 files current consider her to be a 'Significant' nation security thread. She is still allied with the X-Men as their lawyer.

Powers and Abilities


Blood Related Dragon Morphing :Able to shapeshift into a dragon after coming into contact with blood.

* Superhuman Strength

* Superhuman Endurance

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