Early life

As a kid Alex Greyson was taken by madem Hydra. After that tests were run on him. One day he escaped and tried to find a place to hide. After that he stayed hidden for a while in the sewers. When the situation died down he tried to find his family. He ended up finding out they were dead. From then on he swore to avenge their death.

The Brotherhood

After his parents death he found the brotherhood. As he, Toad, Blob, and the others were hurting the humans the X-men were trying to find out who he was. He was outside the door when he heard toad say they killed his family. He was so angry he bured down the house and left.

Joining the X-men

When Alex found the X-men Scott was having problems with jeans tranformation. He helped scott through it. As time went on he grew closer to her. When Jean came back to the X-men they became good friends. After that the brotherhood chalenged the X-men to find out their frend had joined them. They tried to kill the president but the X-men stoped them in their tracks
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