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Early life

The young mutant called Glob Herman has skin that is completely transparent and made up of bio-paraffin, or "living wax". Though he lives among other mutants, Glob Herman easily stands out. Herman is known to be friends with Kid Omega, one of Professor X’s top students.

Omega Gang

Glob Herman enrolled into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning after Professor X was publicly revealed to be a mutant. Herman joins the Omega Gang, led by Kid Omega, as they make their own stand for mutant rights. With the Omega Gang, Herman attacks the humans whom they thought had murdered Jumbo Carnation. He later participates in the slaughter of a group of U-Men. When the Omega Gang instigate a riot at the Xavier Institute, Herman has Redneck light him on fire. He then pursues a bus full of human civillans, chasing it at full speed down the highway. Cyclops, Xorn and Beast pursue. Beast saves the lives of two men in a sports car who cross Herman's way, which he turns into scrap metal without slowing down. When the chase nears a gas station with a cement mixer, the X-Men manage to surround Herman. They use the mixer to cover him with cement and the Beast uses water bottles from the station himself to put out Herman's fire. At that point, much of Herman's covering of bio-paraffin has burned away, and he is reduced to a skeleton with only a relative thin layer of wax. Later, Herman is seen, still covered in cement, being ferried back to the X-Mansion on a specialized truck.

Post M-Day

He is one of the few mutants who retain their superhuman powers after M-Day. Glob Herman is one of the rioters in Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men:Utopia.

Powers and Abilities


Glob Herman's body is made up of a bio-parrafin (or living wax). This wax is highly flammable, allowing him to light himself on fire. He can also fling bits of himself at his enemies. His body also gives him superhuman strength, durability, and speed.

Strength level