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Real Name: Incantantis

Form: Male organism/Spirit

Height: (in human form 5'11")

Weight: 174 lbs

Eyes: Firery Red

Hair: Golden Brown

Features: Scared face from past relationships, tattoos on arm

Marital Status: (Hazard constantly breaks and makes up with female partners)


Place of Birth: Not Known

Status: Active

Identity: Publicly known


Groups: Guardians of the Earth, Rogue Society

Creator(s): D.Sneddon


Early life

In his early life, Icantantis was created by four spirit biological organisms (Fore Fathers) on a spiritual mountain located in the Himalayas during the Earth's beginning. His purpose of creation was to be one of the many 'guardians' whose duties were to ensure the immortality of mother earth. He was initually created as a living organism but also possessed the 'immortalis' spirit which was a supernatural being living inside him. He was raised by the Fore Fathers in the sacred ground of the Himalayas where he developed his own main guardian power of mind cahrming minipulation as well as telepathy of a high magnitude, absorbtion and other main powers. Icantantis also had the ability of another super 'hidden power' but this could only be unlocked from him once he had taken the 'virtutis ambulare' (Walk of Power). By having this hidden power, the Fore Fathers knew he was one of the 'tribus distinctis' (Three Divine) the prohecy fore told of three saviours who were to defeat the 'Apocalyptic Gods'. Icantantis hated the sacred grounds as he developed 'mortal minded feelings' wanting to live life as a mortal human. He hated his other guardian brothers/sisters and constantly fought with them as he wanted to be punished by being banished from the sacred grounds. The Fore Fathers worried about his agressive nature and rational thinking but nevertheless kept him in the sacred grounds as they knew he was one of the divine and one day would be the savieur for mother earth. Eventually when his powers were fully developed and trained in a high skill of unarmed combat, Icantantis attempted to relinquish the Fore Fathers from reality and destroy the sacred grounds. He was soon subdued by the power of the Fore Fathers and was eventually bannished form the sacred grounds but was still kept as a 'Guardian of the Earth' knowing he still had divine powers. During his time among the mortals, Icantantis went into a 'raged koma' which resulted in murdering and slaughter of millions of mortal humans.


Super Hypnotic Charm: Ability to "charge" the kinetic energy within a person's brain, allowing total control over any mind. This power allows Hazard to manipulate people's minds making them either fall in love with him, chose rational decisions, take comands from him, drop dead or even fuse/switch minds. (this can only be done with weak minded organisms). Hazard's charm is so powerful no minds have yet proven to be immune to his charm.