Hope Lee is Jubilation Lee's paternal Aunt, who lives in Los Angeles, California.


Hope's brother, Jubilee's father, found out at some point that Hope was a career assassin. He and his wife refused to associate with her, and never mentioned her existence to their daughter. At some point, Hope decided to live in China, either remaining there, or returning.

Some time later, Hope's brother and sister-in-law were murdered, and their daughter fell in with the X-Men. Word of her brother's death did not reach her until long after the time of his death, and his daughter was not mentioned at all. Eventually, however, word of Jubilee did reach Hope, and they made contact, communicating through letters. Hope came to live in the United States, and invited Jubilee to move in with her, an offer she accepted.

Unbeknownst to Jubilee, Hope was still an assassin, trying to abandon her employer, but failed. In an elaborate trap, Hope lured her boss to her house and blew it up, which seemingly killed both the boss and Hope herself. Somehow, Hope did manage to escape, with damage to a cyber-biotic leg, but Jubilee is not aware of this.

Powers and Abilities

Hope Lee is a baseline human with cybernetic enhancements. She has trained extensively as an assassin, and is proficcient with the use of handguns and other weapons.

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