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Silver Fox is a lover of Wolverine who first appeared inWolverine vol.2 #10, where she is killed by Sabretooth. She is later revealed to be alive and a member of "Team X", the best covert ops team the CIA had to offer, and is one of a few female victims of the Weapon X project. Fox betrays Team X and becomes a member of HYDRA, a subversive terrorist organization.

According to most accounts, Silver Fox lived with Logan in Canada at the dawn of the 20th century. She, a Native Canadian Blackfoot, and he, a frontiersman, enjoyed many happy times together. Sabretooth killed her on Logan's birthday, ostensibly when she rejected his advances.

Silver Fox reappears during the modern period when Wolverine tracks down the members of the Weapon X staff, discovers the studios where many of his memories he believes to be real were staged. Apparently, she kills the professor who had been in charge of the program after Logan left. At this point it is revealed that Silver Fox is in command of a section of Hydra.

Shortly thereafter, Silver Fox captures the assassin Reiko, and forms an alliance with Reiko's boss, Hand Jonin Matsu'o Tsurayaba. Matsu'o is in the process of trying to buy Clan Yashida's underworld connections before Mariko Yashida severs them entirely. Silver Fox dupes Reiko into poisoning Mariko, giving Matsu'o what he wanted. Silver Fox's motivations in this are unclear.

Later, when Mastodon, a member of the Weapon X Program, dies due to the failure of his anti-aging factor, Silver Fox reunites with Logan, Creed, Maverick, and Wraith. She is cold to Logan, and seems not to remember having spent any pleasant time with him. The group infiltrates a secret base and confronts the man who had implanted them with their false memories: Aldo Ferro, the Psi-Borg. Ferro takes control of their minds and this time makes Creed kill Silver Fox. After Ferro's defeat, Silver Fox was to be buried in Salem Center. At the church, Logan discovers that her body has been prepared for flight. The father at the church notifies Logan that "a brick wall with an eyepatch" gave the order. Suddenly, a S.H.I.E.L.D. carrier arrives with Nick Fury, who states he never imagined the day when a top ranking Hydra member would get a full honors S.H.I.E.L.D. burial. Wraith appears as well, having orchestrated the entire funeral, stating "Salem Center meant nothing to her". Wraith tells Logan that they found the cabin where he really had lived with Silver Fox a lifetime ago. He gets permission to bury her there, by himself with only a shovel and uses the part of the door with "Silver Fox + Logan" in a heart that he had carved into it as a headstone.

In Wolverine Vol 3 #50, Wolverine again relives the induced memory of Sabretooth killing Silver Fox on his birthday, although this issue (written byJeph Loeb) seems to ignore her previous "return" to life.

Powers and abilities

Silver Fox's powers in the comics differ from her powers in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In the comics, she has an artificial healing factor and an age suppressant, allowing her to retain her looks after years of being separated from Logan. In the film, she has the power of tactile hypnosis, meaning she can influence and control the decisions of another as long as she can touch him or her. For example, in the film, Stryker has a gun pointed at her, but she touches his leg and makes him throw it away, then tells him to continue to walk until his feet bleed, and then carry on. Meaning he will be far away. Earlier in the film, she uses her powers when a man is blocking the road with his truck and argues with Wolverine. Just before a fight breaks out, she touches the man's shoulder and he calms down and moves his truck. This hypnosis also works for Wolverine , which is shown when Kayla calms down Logan in the truck scene. With Sabretooth, Kayla couldn't work her power, due to being strangled by Sabretooth.

[edit]In other media


[1][2]Maverick and Silver Fox

  • Silver Fox appeared in the X-Men Animated Series episode "Weapon X, Lies and Videotapes" (a play on the film, "Sex, Lies and Videotape"). In this continuity, she too was a member of Team X, Wolverine's lover, and a victim of the Weapon X Program. She and Maverick were thought to have died after a battle with Omega Red but they were later revealed to be alive.


[3][4]Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox in [[X-Men Origins: Wolverine].*Actress Lynn Collins plays Silver Fox in the 2009 filmX-Men Origins: Wolverine. She is named Kayla Silverfox. Instead of the accelerated healing factor that Silver Fox was originally given, in the movie she possesses a tactile mind control ability, similar to that of Alpha Flight's Murmur, where she can control the mind of anyone she touches, although it appears that Victor Creed and Logan are immune to her ability. She is responsible for Logan's choice of "Wolverine" as his alias, the name chosen in reference to a story she told him about a spirit who was tricked into being parted forever from his lover the Moon, the spirit- whose name translates as "Wolverine"- subsequently forced to look at the Moon forever and never be with her again. She also identifies Emma as her sister, and dies in the final assault on the Island prison facility, Logan seeing her dead body after being shot in the head with an adamantium bullet but now unable to remember her connection to him.