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Jeremiah Muldoon was abandoned in a military shortly after birth. A couple living on the base took him in and raised him. As an adult, Muldoon joined the military. His green skin and obvious mutant features isolated him among his comrades, so he found himself transferred from one department to another. He eventually found a home among the Sentinel Squad O*N*E, a group of military employees operating gigantic Sentinels assigned to protect the last remaining mutants. There he met Alexander Lexington, a fellow mutant who unlike Meld, was able to hide the fact that he was a mutant. The two quickly bonded and Meld even helped Lexington keep his secret from their teammates. During one of the group's missions, Meld opted to leave the team to care for orphaned mutants in Ecuador. To explain his sudden departure, his teammates faked his death, allowing him to do good for his fellow mutants.


Meld is next seen alongside mutants protesting Simon Trask's Proposition X as well as a city-wide curfew set by Norman Osborn, following a chaotic riot between a lynch mob of humans and pro-mutant activisits. He and his group decide to attack the H.A.M.M.E.R. soldiers that patrolled the city before they were quickly taken down byEmma Frost and the government-approved Dark X-Men.


Meld is fatally injured when he is nearly strangled to death by Senyaka when Selene's Inner Circle attacks Utopia and is later confirmed to had died from his injuries.

Powers and Abilities


Alter Metallic Structures: A non-magnetic ability, Meld's power is in fact a highly selective form of molecular manipulation. He is able to affect not only the metal he touches directly, but all metal uniformly connected to what he's in contact with. Thus, he could make things happen further down a corridor by touching a metal wall or floor in a facility, and focus his power through the structure of his Sentinel mech while piloting it.

Meld could liquefy metals, reducing them to a fluid state as a means of disabling weapons, dissolving bonds, or gaining entrance through locked doors or reinforced armored walls. He could then fully restore said walls or structures to their original condition after passing through them. Meld could reshape metal structures into new forms on command, creating anything he could visualize. His power could be used for technoforming effects, psionically merging and reconfiguring circuitry to create newly operational forms of technology, especially if he had a scientific mind like Professor Winston guiding his hand in the matter.

When piloting a Sentinel mech, he could conduct his power through the armor in order to alter metals that touched his suit, or make them stick to him like flypaper and assimilate that new metal into his mech for additional armor plating or armaments.