Sarah lived with her mother who is a workaholic after her parents separated. Though intelligent, she was shy like her sister, but was not a trouble maker, instead preferring to use the computer all day, until one day the computer "answered" her. She thought she was seeing things, until, playing with a gameboy she accidentally used her powers to influence the car. Her name, powers and codename were revealed in New X-Men: Yearbook Special #1. She was one of the students who lost their powers following the House of M/ Decimation event. Network was on the bus of depowered mutants that was destroyed by agents of William Stryker; she was among those who were killed.

Powers and Abilities


Cyberpathy: Sarah can mentally communicate with (and control) all forms of machinery, letting her access computer files and manipulate programming to suit her needs.


  • In New X-Men: Yearbook Special #1, Sarah was voted most likely to be a millionaire after graduation.
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