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Omega Level Mutants are mutants whose dominant power is deemed to register, or reach, an undefinable upper limit of that power's specific classification. For example, both Magneto and Forge are the most powerful mutants of their power types on the planet Earth (Magnetism and Technopathy, respectively), but what makes Magneto, and not Forge, an Omega level mutant is that the upper limit of Forge's measurable powers could hypothetically be surpassed (and in, fact, has by multiple humans on the planet), while the upper limit of Magneto's power cannot be surpassed in any measurable fashion.

Omega level is a classification of a single mutant power. While it is quite common that mutants manifest multiple powers, only one is normally of Omega level. For example, while Jean Grey is both a telepath and a telekinetic, she is only an Omega level telepath.

Omega Protocol

While it is believed that a greater dynamo is possible through collective means, it is a current priority for the mutant nation of Krakoa to protect and nurture its greatest natural resource: Omega level mutants. All efforts are to be expended in order to secure the future of the state.

"One people. One tribe. One family."

Known Omega Level Mutants

Name Alias Omega Power Alliance
Jamie Braddock Monarch Reality Manipulation (Quantum) None
Robert Drake Iceman Temperature Manipulation (Negative) Krakoa
Joshua Foley Elixir Biokinesis Krakoa
Jean Grey Marvel Girl Telepathy/Telekinesis Krakoa
David Haller Legion Power Manifestation Unknown
Erik Lehnsherr Magneto Magnetism Krakoa
Kevin MacTaggert Proteus Reality Manipulation (Psionic) Krakoa
Absalon Mercator Mister M Matter Manipulation Unknown
Ororo Munroe Storm Weather Manipulation Krakoa
Nathan Summers Stryfe Telekinesis Unknown
Bennet du Paris Exodus Telekinesis Krakoa
Quentin Quire Kid Omega Telepathy Krakoa
Franklin Richards Powerhouse Reality Manipulation (Universal) Human
Gabriel Summers Vulcan Energy Manipulation Krakoa
Hope Summers Hope Power Manipulation Krakoa