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The Paragons were formerly advised by original New Mutants member, Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane was involved in a scandal when her romantic relationship with a younger student, Elixir, was brought to light, forcing her to leave. The squad was assigned a new advisor, Magma. After House of M, the Scarlet Witch depowered 90% of the mutant population. The Xavier Institute was affected a great deal, losing many of the students and some X-Men. The Paragons were affected also; DJ and Preview lost their powers while Match, Trance, Wolf Cub and Pixie kept theirs, as did Magma. DJ was unfortunely killed in the bus attack from William Stryker. Preview, for some reason, was not on the bus, even though her sister Sarah was.


Leaders: Magma, Formerly Wolfsbane

Members: Match, Trance, Preview, Wolf Cub, Pixie, DJ