Pixie was one of the Morlocks. Masque deformed her right leg when she refused his leadership. When he used his powers to deform the appearance of normal humans, she took care of them as a maternal figure and leader. They settled in the caverns beneath Cypress Hills' Salem Fields Cemetery. Masque started planning to use his powers on surface dwelling children. Therefore, Pixie commanded her Morlock allies to abduct children to protect them from Masque. Ghost Rider went to Cypress Hills to investigate the mysterious disappearances of children in the area. He had believed that it was the work of his enemy Blackout. On his second visit to Cypress Hills' Salen Fields Cemetery Ghost Rider encountered and Blackout and the mercenaries of HEART. Escaping the fight, one of the Morlocks led him into the caverns under the cemetery claiming that they could lead him to the children. Blackout had seen their escape. Underground, the Morlocks promised Ghost Rider that the children were unharmed. As dawn approached, Ghost Rider was forced to leave before he changed into Danny Ketch. He returned the following night and Bertram led him to Pixie. She introduced him to the kidnapped children and explained why they had been taken. They were soon interrupted by the arrival of Blackout, HEART & X-Factor. The heroes were distracted with typical in-fighting, so they didn't notice when Blackout went after Pixie. Ghost Rider tried to stop him, but Blackout dodged his attack, grabbed Pixie, and tore her throat open with her teeth. As the catacombs began to collapse, Pixie used the last of her fading strength to beg Ghost Rider to save the children over going after Blackout. Ghost Rider summoned his motorcycle and used it to send the children to the surface while he attacked Blackout. The tunnels collapsed on the two as they fought, but the children (and at least Bertram) made it to the surface. X-Factor promised to return the kids to their parents. Both Ghost Rider and Blackout survived the collapse.

Powers and Abilities


Powers/Abilities: Pixie had a fairy-like appearance, with antennae and butterfly wings, but it is unclear whether she had empathic powers, could fly, or possessed any superhuman powers whatsoever. Her right leg was misshapen.

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