X Mansion

In the fictional Marvel Comics universe, the X-Mansion, the common name for the Xavier Mansion, is the base of operations and training site of the X-Men and the location of a school for mutant teenagers, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, formerly Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It is also the worldwide headquarters of the X-Corporation. Its address is 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center (part of the town of North Salem), located in the very northeast corner of Westchester County.



Teaches technology classes and is a part of the senior staff.


Teaches French and is in charge of the mutants too young to join the New Mutants


Teaches the music, art, and life science.


Teaches science and mathematics and is part of the senior staff, presumably overseeing curriculums and academic aspects.


Teaches flight class and economics and has her own squad.


Teaches business.


Teaches french and gymnastics.

Emma Frost

Besides being the Headmistress of the Xavier Institute, also teaches ethics, much to the horror of Kitty Pryde. She also presides over the new team of X-Men, teaching them to work as a team, with some assistance from the senior staff, such as Colossus.


Teaches combat, presumably close quarters combat. Logan has commented sarcastically that Cyclops teaches advanced self-pity.


Besides being the Headmaster of the Xavier Institute, also teaches the elective leadership and tactics.