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Primal is the code name for X-Men Teon Macik, a Ukrainian post M-Day mutant. He is also know by a few other names, such as the Modern Primitive and Instinct.

The Fourth Light

Primal was the fourth Post M-Day mutation sought out by Hope. She and the Lights first seek him out in Ukraine, in his home country, but he has already run away. The team then tracks him down across Europe and North America, and eventually find him in Miami Beach. Primal first attempts to mate with Hope before she can stabilize his powers. Once they are stabilized, Primal immediately imprints on Hope, following her verbal commands. After the stabilization, he conveys his desire in one word phrases.

Once they had aquired the final Light, Zero, Hope moved to Utopia with her Lights, where Primal immediately began sparring with Wolverine. Eventually Primal concedes that Wolverine is the Alpha of Utopia, even though they still do battle on a occaisonal basis. While on Utopia, he is most concerned with following Hope rather then training and attending classes. Kavita Rao believes Teon to be of low intelligence, but Hope insists he has a normal or higher intelligence, and just chooses not to use it.

After the rescue of the Sixth Light, where Primal is able to convince the baby to be born and take part in life, his

Teon defending himself on the witness stand

parents sue for custody of him. At first, Cyclops and lawyer Evangeline Whedon despair of him staying with the X-Men. But Primal stuns the court when he goes up to the stand and gives a long eloquent speech about how he has changed and he is no longer the son that his parents knew. The court then awards Teon the right to stay with Hope and the Lights.


Primal remains on Utopia alongside Hope.

Avengers Vs X-Men

Primal is one of several students who are taken to Avengers Academy for their safety. He later participates in a battle with the Avengers Academy students, falling asleep atop of White Tiger when Velocidad commands him to sleep. After the battle, he leaves the Academy to search for the X-Men.


  • Superhuman Strength and Physicaility: Able to perform great feats of strength and physical prowness.
  • Hyperinstinct: Able to process complex matters and situations at a skilled rate.
  • Telepathic Immunity: Immune to telepathic probing.


  • Primal is meant to mirror Beast from the original five X-Men.