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As a member of the mercenary group, the Marauders, Prism has the ability to absorb, reflect, and amplify beams of light and other energy with his crystalline body. Prism first appeared as part of a "search and destroy" mini-team of Marauders, consisting of himself, Arclight, and Scrambler, that were sent to eliminate the members of X-Factor, who were leading an evacuation mission to help Morlocks escape the Marauders. After using his powers to reflect Cyclops's optic blast back at him, X-Factor member Jean Grey used her telekinetic powers to slam Prism against a nearby wall. Much to everyone's surprise, the move killed Prism as his body was ultimately too fragile to survive being slammed against the wall. Prism, along with those fellow Marauders that did not survive the Mutant Massacre, was ultimately resurrected by Mr. Sinister using his cloning technology. However, Prism's lifespan was once again cut short when he was killed by a group of demonized police officers during the opening hours of the Inferno, during a rematch between the Marauders and the X-Men (who had not battled Prism before). Prism is a member of the 198 Mutants left after M-Day, where he was institutionalized in a mental hospital, where he rose to power and exacted revenge on those who harassed him and lost their powers. Alongside the other Marauders, Prism ambushed the X-Men at Mystique's residence, and participated in the ensuing battle. The Marauders quickly defeated the X-Men and kidnapped Rogue, returning to Mr. Sinister. It has also been revealed that Prism, with several of his teammates, assassinated the Dark Mother. Prism's body is found shattered by the X-Men when they arrive at an Alaskan town, trying to find the new mutant baby who has been born. Prism had been killed in a clash with the Purifiers and was eaten by Predator X after the X-Men left.

Powers and Abilities


Able to refract most forms of energy directed at him, including ambient light. He is also capable of storing light within his body, using it to light-up dark rooms or project and amplify it at his enemies.


His body can be shattered by heavy blows or collisions.