Psynapse is a mutant.


The early life and origin of the villain known as Psynapse remains unclear, although it has been intimated that he is a cousin of the Royal Family members of the Inhumans, Medusa and Crystal. He was an original recruit of the Riders of the Storm, and he remained with the team until its hunting of the mutant Mesmero, where an error on Psynapse's part caused the team to question his fitness and kill him according to their ideology. Somehow reapearing as a part of the team once more, Psynapse was among the group under its second organization under the leadership of Stryfe. He was killed in a confrontation with the mutant known as X-Man when his attack reinvigorated X-Man's mental powers.


Telepathic Communication: Psynapse had the power to communicate telepathically by tapping into the psionic energy of the planet.

  • Mental Bursts: He could create bursts of mental energy.
  • Astral Drawing: He could draw others into the astral plane, manipulating their astral form and reducing their minds to that of a child.
  • Energy Monsters: He could create energy monsters that possessed superhuman strength and resistance to injury.
  • Telepathic Overwhelming: He could attempt to possess or overwhelm other telepaths, but if he used this ability on former telepaths who had lost their powers, it would reawaken their dormant ability like it did for Jean Grey and Nate Grey.
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