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Riptide is a member of the Marauders, a team of villains brought together by the mutant thief Gambit at the request of Mister Sinister. After Sinister dispatched the Marauders into the sewers under New York City to kill the subterranean mutant collective known as the Morlocks, Riptide was responsible for severely injuring X-Men members Nightcrawler and Colossus. Having seen the results of Riptide's actions, Colossus had been pushed close to his emotional breaking point. Colossus was further enraged and grieved when Riptide badly injured Nightcrawler, and finally snapped when Harpoon maimed his then girlfriend, Shadowcat. Colossus lunged at Harpoon to mete out vengeance, but Riptide got in his way, believing that his power would fell the Russian mutant. He boasted to Colossus that hurricane force winds could punch a piece of straw through a solid oak and that his spinning caused his blades to fly even faster than that. Despite being hit by a deluge of blades which penetrated his armored skin, Colossus managed to reach an incredulous Riptide, seize his throat, and snap his neck. However, Mr. Sinister was able to clone the Marauders thanks to samples of their DNA, and Riptide returned to die once more during the event known as the Inferno. Another band of cloned Marauders, including Riptide, later attacked the mutant known as Threnody but were defeated by Nate Grey, the X-Man. A team of Marauders clones also defended one of Mr. Sinister's secret bases against an incursion by Gambit, Courier, and Sabretooth.

After M-Day

After the events of M-Day, where a mentally ill Scarlet Witch removed the mutant gene from the majority of the world's mutant population, Riptide's clone retained his powers. Riptide's clone returns alongside the new Marauders. Riptide assists Mister Sinister in his attempts to eliminate mutants with knowledge of the future. Riptide kills Quiet Bill while both are in an elevator. Later, during the crossover Messiah Complex, he is part of the final battle on Muir Isle. He seems to be aware of the fact his neck had been broken before. He battles the were-girl Wolfsbane, knocking her out and giving her superficial wounds. Professor X then knocks him out.

Powers and Abilities


Riptide is a mutant with the ability to spin his body at an incredibly fast rate. Upon reaching his top speed, Riptide then hurls shuriken and other objects created from calcified masses at such high velocity that they can punch through steel.

Aerokinesis- Riptide is able to control the air. It is unknown though if he can do anything other than create tornadoes. He is very adept at creating tornadoes and can create then in many sizes.



When spinning, Riptide hurls shuriken (throwing stars) and spikes at deadly speeds.

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