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Meeting Layla Miller

Ruby Summers is the daughter of X-Men Scott Summers and Emma Frost and has been living in the ruins of Atlantic City with her father, Scott Summers for decades. When Layla Miller and a man named Dwayne show up one day looking for the now aged Cyclops. Ruby attacks them and after finding out who Layla Miller is, brings her to her father, who has been waiting to see Layla for decades. After a conversation with Cyclops, Layla convinces Ruby to meet up with a new mutant named Linqon and together they start the events Layla set in motion, thus begins the Summers Rebellion.

Years Later

Years after the start of the rebellion, Ruby rescues the now aged Layla and Jamie Madrox, whom Layla had just brought into the future from the past, from a sentinel attack. She is not too pleased to find out Layla disobeyed her in bringing Madrox to the future. She later brings Scott and Layla to an old broken down hotel where an old, fragile Doctor Doom currently inhabits. They question him about time travel when they are attacked by sentinels, only to be saved by Trevor Fitzroy. She is has also become very close with Layla, developing a very sisterly relationship. Ruby is seen next when an aged Doctor Doom brings Cortex to their time, however reprogramed, and forces the Madrox dupe to attack the mutants. Although initially at a disantvantage, especially when Doom reveals that he has taken control of her father-Cyclops due to him being more cyborg then man, she manages to blast Cortex out of the building and to disable Cyclops by having her energy blast ricochet off a wall and hit him in the back. While she swears to kill Doom, he manages to flee. While Madrox battles Cortex, Ruby asks Layla to revive Fitzroy who was killed during Cortex's initial assault. Although Layla doesn't think that it's a good idea she complies since Ruby persuades her that they may yet take control of their own destiny.

Powers and Abilities


  • Optic blasts; Similar to her father's, but black and red in nature.
  • Invulnerable Ruby Skin; Similar to her mother's, This form can be maintained for decades, and prevents visible aging. In this form, she can survive without sustenance.