Sabretooth, real name Victor Creed is a human mutant with the ability of an accelerated healing the same as his brother Wolverine which allows him to recover from injury rapidly and is a formidable enemy.

Powers and Abilities

advanced healing abilities

super strength

slow aging process


Early Life

Born as Victor Creed to his father Thomas Logan, he grew up on an estate owned by John Howlett and was the groundskeepers son and got sick around age 10 when his mutant abilities developed and since then found he had a regeneretive abliity and also razor sharp nails and fangs. A few years later, his father then caused an argument with John and his wife Elizabeth over being the real father to their son James, in which Thomas shot John and then his son James who's mutant abilities similar to Victor's developed and he killed Thomas before he told him he was his father. Victor then chased James and the two ran off and escape.

The two brothers then stayed by each other's side for years and began learning more about their powers realising that they had a slow aging process and took part in the American Civil War, World War I, World War II and finally the Vietnam War in which Victor over the years, became very aggressive due to him being a mutant and during the Vietnam war, began to rape a vietnamese woman but when soldiers tried to stop him, he easily killed them all and James, not knowing what had gone off defended his brother and the 2 were arrested. They were sentenced to be shot but with their healing abilities, soon came back to life. They were then approached by Major William Stryker who offered them the chance to join a team of mutants in which the 2 did. They join the team along with other mutants Fred Dukes, John Wraith, Chris Bradley, Agent Zero and Wade Wilson. On the way to their first mission, it is clear that Wade is a cocky and arragent with a big mouth and often provokes other members especially Victor. They get to the place and the team attacks a diamond smuggling operation and leave taking only a paper weight rock that is part of a meteorite. They follow leads and head to a village where the smuggler took the rock from and interigate a man for more of the rocks but when he doesn't give up the information, Stryker lets Victor loose on him but when James stops Victor, he leaves the team and also Victor.


Victor is working for Magneto

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