Fictional character biographySiena Blaze originally started out as a member ofthe thrillseeking Upstarts, a group of mutants who hunted other mutants for sport. She participates in several confrontations with members of the X-Men, such as confronting Nightcrawler and Marvel Girl. There is a later incident in Antarctica where she battles a stranded Cyclops, Professor Xavier and Storm. She almost kills the trio with an explosion.

Later she is transported to the Ultraverse along with Juggernaut and Reaper, where she is a member of the heroic Exiles (not to be confused with the current team of reality hopping heroes). Surprisingly, Siena adapts to the role of hero quite well. She feels a strong attraction to team leader Warstrike. Eventually she, along with Juggernaut and Reaper, are returned to the Marvel Universe. Afterwards Siena vanished from sight for years, until she meets her apparent death at the Weapon X Neverland concentration camp.

Powers and abilities

Siena Blaze has the power to fire deadly force blasts of electromagnetic energy. When she fires these blasts, she literally rips apart large sections of the Earth's magnetic field, and causes localized ecological disasters. Siena does not seem to care that using her blasts could destroy the ecosystems of the entire planet. She also can manipulate magnetic fields to inhibit other mutants from teleporting. She can surround herself with an aura of magnetic energy with equal polarity to the Earth's geomagnetic field, causing the Earth to repel her upwards, and enabling her to fly via magnetic levitation. She can also teleport vast distances by turning herself into magnetic energy, and turning back at a desired location.

In other media


In the video game X-Men 2: Gamesmaster's Legacy for Sega Game Gear, Siena Blaze appears as a boss in the second level, the Arctic. Defeating her releases Gambit

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