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Slab is a mutant villain who is recruited by Mister Sinister to be part of his Nasty Boys and was the first team member to attack their nemesis, the government sponsored X-Factor team. Slab climbs to the top of the Washington Monument and calls Strong Guy out to fight him, and they battle. When Slab shrinks to normal size to duck a punch, he causes Strong Guy to shatter and destroy the monument. Slab's battle is aided off-scenes by Senator Stephen Shaffran, who has the mutant power to cause others to suffer bad luck. Slab was captured along with his teammate Hairbag and taken to a holding cell by X-Factor. While he waits for his lawyer to negotiate bail, Slab and Hairbag are broken out of prison by the Mutant Liberation Front (of which Slab's sister Thumbelina is a member). He is returned to the Nasty Boys shortly afterwards. Slab has not been seen since the group's subsequent breakup. It is unknown if Slab retained his mutant powers after the M-Day.

Powers and abilities

Slab has the ablity to increase his size and mass. His increase in size and mass results in superhuman strength and durability.