Slave Island is the seventh episode in the X-Men animated series.


The three X-Men awaken at the Genosha prison camp, and are introduces to the inhibitor collar. When they were temporarly turned off for work, Storm attempts an escape only to be captured and put in isolation. The other mutants are put to work for construction of the dam. At night time, the power drops, allowing Jubilee to pick a lock. She tries recruiting for an escape plan, but was unable to collect any support.

Cyclops, Jean Grey and Rogue are suspicious about Genosha, and head to that location. Professor X remains behind to contact Moira MacTaggert.

The next morning, Jubilee notices Gambit missing from the cell. It appears the other mutants accepted the plan, and just wait her signal. After passing the guard with the control unit, she knocks him out and tried turning it off, but it turns out that it doesn't work. Jubilee is put in isolation next to Storm.

When the leader of Genosha speaks with the owners of the dam, they were dissatisified about the power outage, but are advised that the power dam will allow Master Mold to produce Sentinals without causing blackouts. When questioned about the rebellion, he stated it was allowed to happen to break their spirits, and showed who turned them in. Gambit stated that they weren't really his friends, since they don't trust him. He was sent back to the prison.

When Gambit jumps out of the car, he is joined by Cable who is looking for the leader. After pointing him to the nearby facility, Cable gives a key that unlocks the inhibitor collars. Gambit returns to the prison after destroying the guarding sentinal, blowing open the box, and escaping with his companions. The group of three begin to attack the camp, taking control of the collar system and unlatching them.

Cable begins his attack on the leader, but is stopped by a human-sized sentinal before the ceiling above it collapses. He then intercepts the leader's car.

While the mutants of Genosha won't assist in stopping the sentinals or taking out the dam, Storm was able to create weather severe enough to crack the dam. When she faints, she is picked up by Rogue before hitting the ground.

The waters from the dam approach Cable's location, smashing the facility and washing away Master Mold. The X-Men return, but notice that the school was damaged by an attack.

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