A young valley girl with electrical-based mutant powers, Stinger was a member of the Alliance of Evil, Apocalypse's original strike force. Because of her youth, Stinger often handled situations recklessly, as seen when she accidentally killed Michael Nowlan's girlfriend, Susan. During their battles with X-Factor, Stinger often flirted with Angel, much to his annoyance. Stinger stayed with the Alliance of Evil when they defied the Mutant Registration Act, and later battled the New Mutants with the team. Stinger later appeared on Utopia, the X-Men's new home base. Fearing rumors of an impending attack, she sought reassurance in Iceman who admitted to have been attracted to her, even in their initial confrontations. Shooting off a joke to lighten the mood, Iceman inadvertently offended her, leading her to take Dr. Kavita Rao hostage in an attempt to leave the island. Only willing to negotiate with Iceman, he eventually talks her down, defusing the situation. Later, the two are seen having a picnic and enjoying each others' company.

Powers and Abilities


Stinger can build static energy around her hands and discharge it as bio-electricity bolts

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