Nightcrawler Teleportation
Wraith (Teleportation)
Azazel (Teleportation)

Teleportation: The ability to teleport almost anywhere, depending on the person. Teleportation also may vary in shapes and forms as well and some users may not have the ability to teleport where they can't see.


Cinematic Universe

  • Nightcrawler: The famous blue demon-like creature of the X-Men, Kurt Wagner ("Nightcrawler") has the ability to teleport at will. His only flaw is that he cannot teleport where he cannot see. His ways of teleportation however have varied overtime and in X2: X-Men United, Kurt was able to teleport within dark blue clouds of smoke.
  • Azazel: Another mutant similar to that of Nightcrawler, Azazel is able to teleport as well and is able to teleport across inter-dimensional locations. Azazel was shown in X-Men: First Class to have the same form of teleportation as Nightcrawler from the second X-Men film, however unlike Kurt's, Azazel's teleportation features a dark red cloud of smoke.
  • John Wraith: The mutant known as Wraith has demonstrated that he has a form of teleportation known as "Phase-Jumping". It is a psionic variation to teleport from any point in space to another. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wraith had the ability to teleport, however unlike his comic counterpart, he is able to teleport in stages. The first stage is the disappearance of both his skin and clothing, the second is the disappearance of his skeleton. When returning, his skeleton reappears and then his skin and cloths.
  • Deadpool: Although he never had the natural ability to teleport, Wade Wilson gained the power of teleportation via a device on his belt. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wade was augmented with several other powers such as Wolverine's healing and claws, Scott Summers' Optic Blast and Wraith's teleportation. with this power, he was able to move anywhere, including to the top of buildings.
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