Ray Park as Toad.

Toad (also known as Mortimer Toynbee) appeared as a character in the 2000 movie X-Men, played by Ray Park.


Toad is a member of Magneto's Brotherhood and possesses enhanced leaping capability and acrobatic speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes, coordination, balance, a sticky prehensile 13-foot (4.0 m) tongue, and the ability to spit an acidic mucus that hardens almost instantly. He has a different personality from the comic incarnation, confident and comical. He battles Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey all at once in the battle in the Statue of Liberty, he starts by locking Cyclops in a display case, sends Storm to the second floor and spits slime on Jean Grey as she stops him in mid-air. Storm revives to stop Toad from harming Jean but is quickly subdued and is knocked down an elevator shaft. Storm flies up again and blows Toad out of the statue, his tongue latching onto a support beam to stay alive. However, Storm strikes his tongue with a lightning bolt and electrifies Toad to death.


  • The X-Men movie lineup has the movie rendition figure of Toad, modeled after Ray Park, with a long removable and whipping tongue as his accessory.
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