After Schism , Wolverine and Cyclops separate into factions, both creating splinter teams of X-Men. While Wolverine and his team create a new school for mutant youngsters, Cyclops and his team stay in Utopia to make a stand against all the treats to mutantkind, vowing to protect their safe haven in the island - as an army, while also returning to their roots in superheroism. Cyclops is well aware mutantkind will never be safe and so he creates the Extinction team, a sub-group of his X-Men faction composed of the most powerful mutants under Scott's leadership, including StormMagnetoNamor and others.


X-Men (Blue Team)

Extinction Team

Solicit Plot

Born with powers and abilities beyond those of normal humans, mutantkind has long been hated and feared by those they sought to protect. Now, from their island nation of Utopia, Cyclops leads the most powerful group of mutants ever assembled to protect what is left of his dwindling species. Hated and feared? When you are as powerful as the Uncanny X-Men, does it matter?



After the Schism, the X-Men take sides and while Wolverine chooses to start an all-new school for young mutants, Cyclops decides to train mutants for the impending war, no matter how young and inexperienced they are. Now with the aid of Magneto, Emma Frost, Danger and even Namor, Cyclops leads his team of X-Men into dangerous but heroic missions.

Avengers Vs. X-Men

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