Wolverine and xmen (2011)

Wolverine and the X-Men (Volume 1) is the first volume in the Wolverine and the X-Men brand. The series started as an ongoing but ended up being a limited series - a multiple issue limited one. The book centers on Wolverine and his plans for a new school for mutants after the Schism between the X-Men


The series follows Wolverine's founding of a new haven for young  and new mutants, The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, named in honor of one of the most brave X-Men - Jean Grey. Wolverine starts a job as the headmaster for the school, even giving a tour to Charles Xavier on the new school. Wolverine is decided to find a way to give young mutants a chance to live as normal kids, as students, not as soldiers. And so, Wolverine ensembles the help of fellow X-Men recruiting them as teachers for the new school while also giving mutants like Toad a second chance at doing something worthwhile - as a janitor. Giving the young mutants a normal life will not be easy as treats to mutantkind never stop and even if Wolverine does not want the students to be treated as soldiers, their survival will depend on hard choices that can scar them for life.


Jean Grey School for Higher Learning


Collected Editions


  • According to writers, Volume 1 as a whole is the first year of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, effectively indicating all the events during the volume transpired in one year.
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