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The X-Corporation, also known as X-Corp, was an organization that was founded by Professor Charles Xavier and based on his work with the formation of the X-Men. The goal of the corporation was to provide support for civilian members of the Mutant populations of the world which had been outgrowing the reach of the X-Men. Thus, the X-Corp was created with offices located in major cities throughout the Earth that were managed by former members of the X-Men or one of the satellite teams. The headquarters of the worldwide organization was the X-Mansion and worked with the local governments as well as their various agencies.


The activities of the X-Corporation ended upon the Decimation event which eliminated 90-95% of the Mutant population who had their X-Gene's removed making them powerless as normal humans. This led to a number of X-Corporation locations such as the Paris branch being bombed by anti-Mutant factions. Thus, in order to protect these facilities as well as the depowered former Mutants, Cyclops ordered all X-Corporation offices shut down in order to all for the empowered Mutants to regroup. Due to small Mutant population left in the world and strict controls placed on them by the government, the X-Corporation served no further purpose and thus it reached its end as it was dissolved.


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