Featured Characters:

Supporting Character


  • Dr. Bolivar Trask
  • Sentinels
    • Master Mold
    • Sentinels
      • Sentinel 1
      • Sentinel 2
      • Sentinel 3
      • Sentinel 3-D
      • Sentinel 4
      • Sentinel 5
      • Sentinel 6
      • Sentinel 7
      • Sentinel 9
      • Sentinel 11
      • Sentinel 17
      • Sentinel A -
      • Sentinel B -
      • Sentinel C -
      • Sentinel L
      • Sentinel O
      • Sentinel T

Other Characters:

  • Charlie and other young unnamed bullies
  • Unnamed driver
  • Unnamed football players and fans


The X-Men attack the headquarters of the Sentinels but Beast and Iceman are captured and pulled in. Xavier mentally disrupts the robots that operate the weapons allowing his other students to gain access. Inside Angel, Cyclops and Marvel Girl are able to free Iceman, but the Beast has already been brought to the Master Mold, the main Sentinel Unit, for interrogation. Xavier mentally observes as his student is put under a Psycho-Probe that forces him to reveal his origin. Fortunately the professor can intervene telepathically before Hank reveals too much, but Master Mold recognizes an uninvited presence and floats the room with micro-electric particles. Xavier’s astral self is in danger of being too weak to join with his physical body and at the same time all his students are defeated by the overwhelming number of Sentinels inside the fortress.


Written by: Stan Lee

Layout by: Jack Kirby

Pencilling: Jay Gavin

Inked by: Dick Ayers

Lettered by: Artie Simek.


  • Werner Roth helped pencil this issue under the pseudonym Jay Gavin.
  • It is stated in this issue that the Sentinels do not have any feelings as they are robots. However, they apparently feel Professor X's mental blast as they groan in pain.
  • Professor X states there are things called "thought particles" and he bombards Beast with them.
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