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X-Men History at a glance, distilled from the Chronology Articles here at X-Men Wikia. A work in progress, expect continuous updates.

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Issue 1 (1963)

Issue No.1- X-Men (1963)

Professor Xavier opens Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters for original Xmen, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, 'Marvel Girl are the original X-Men team. Magneto the first villain, the X-Men face tries to take over the Cape Citadel Base.


Issue 2 (1963)

Issue No.2- Nothing Can Stop The Vanisher (1963)

The team fights the Vanisher, a mutant who can teleport himself and who's primary interest appears to be robbing a bank and stealing Continental Defense Plans from the Pentagon for ransom. The fight against the Vanisher ends in more of a whimper than a real fight with [Professor Xavier] demonstrating his mental ability to get inside people's heads, even make them forget who they are.



Issue 3

Issue No.3- Beware of the Blob! (1964)

The Professor senses a mutant called the Blob, working at the carnival. He is big and fat, can control his body such that skin can't be penetrated by bullets, harmed by fire, he can anchor himself to the ground and is "mutant" strong. Xavier invites the Blob to his school inviting him to join the X-Men, but Blob decides he'd rather steal the Professor's secrets sending his carnival friends and exotic animals to assault the school. Blob and the carnies loose. The Professor performs a group mind wipe, ending this episode.


Issue 4

Issue No.4- The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (1964)

The The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is established with members Toad, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Mastermind, and Magneto. For world domination, they attack a small South American nation called Santo Marco using a stolen destroyer and Mastermind's ability to make the residents see an invading army the country capitulates. Magneto likes playing hard ball and arms a nuclear bomb to eradicate the X-Men. However, Quick Silver, brother of the Scarlet Witch, a mutant with a conscience prevents the bomb from going off. Xavier is left helpless (no mutant powers) at the end of this issue and the Brotherhood escapes.


Issue 5

Issue No.5- The Angel is Trapped! (1964)

Professor Xavier has lost his mental powers in the last episode. The Brotherhood (Magneto, Toad, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch], Mastermind], abducts Angel, taking him to their asteroid base, unsuccessfully torturing him in an attempt to reveal the X-Men's HQ. Magneto faces a mutiny when The Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver refuse to kill the X-Men. The fight between the Brotherhood of Mutants and X-Men is interrupted when the asteroid starts to break up and all escape. It turns out the Professor's lost mental powers was just a ruse to test the X-Men.


Issue 6

Issue No.6- Sub-Mariner Joins the Evil Mutants! (1964)

The Professor and Magneto both attempt to enlist Sub-Mariner (Prince Namor) to their cause. Prince Namor wa romantically involved with a human once, Invisible_Woman but it turned out badly so he is done with humans. On Magneto’s island, conflict erupts between the X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants, and Sub Mariner, ending with Sub Mariner remaining unaligned, moping back to his under ocean castle, the BOEM (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) escaping in Magneto’s rocket as the X-Men watch them leave.


Issue 7

Issue No.7- The Return of the Blob! (1964)

The X-Men graduate from Xavier's School and Xavier appoints Cyclops as team leader. Magneto acknowledges that the X-Men stand between him and his goal of world domination. Marvel Girl likes Cyclops. The Blob joins The Brotherhood until he realizes he is expendable and returns to the carnival.. Another X-Men/BOEM fight without resolution. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are fed up with Magneto.


Issue 8

Issue No.8- The Uncanny Threat of Unus The Untouchable! (1964)

  • While saving a boy stuck on top of a water tower in Greenwich Village, NYC, The Beast and [Iceman]] are assaulted by a crowd who fear their mutant powers. Beast leaves the X-Men and becomes a wrestler where he meets nus, the Untouchable in the ring and notices Mastermind in the crowd. Beast's instincts are correct and Unus wants into the BOEM. A fight between the X-Men (minus Beast) and Unus comes to a draw after Unus interrupts a bank robbery, taking the loot for himself. The X-Men discover Beast is back at Xavier's Mansion working on a device to neutralize Unus's power. After they use it on him, Unus, agrees not to join the BOEM and returns to the ring to continue wrestling.
  • The Beast quits the X-Men to become a wrestler, but returns quickly.



Issue 9

Issue No.9- Enter The Avengers! (1965)

The X-Men follow Xavier to Europe as he searches for Lucifer in a cave in the Balkan Mountains. It is revealed that Lucifer caused Xavier to lose the use of his legs. The Mighty Avengers are also on the trail of Lucifer, but are unaware he has rigged a device so that if he is killed a huge bomb will detonate destroying most of Earth. The Avenger's allow the X-Men to take care of Lucifer. The Professor seizes control of Lucifer's mind incapacitating him, the bomb is disarmed, then Lucifer is set free. Why? Because the X-Men are good guys!


Issue 10

Issue No.10- The Coming of Ka-Zar (1965)

Imagined title: Tarzan and the The Lost World. Marvel Girl has honed her telekinetic skills to a high level, able to disassemble and reassemble a rifle using her mind. Cyclops AGAIN expresses his attraction regarding Jean, but not to her personally. Team X-Men travel to Antarctica to locate Ka-Zar, a Tarzan like figure with a pet Saber Tooth Cat. He is not a mutant, but he has incredible powers. They crawl down a hole and discover a lost world filled with dinos, Ka-Zar, (his cat), Swamp Men, and Maa-Gor (last of the Man-Ape tribe). Due to a little misunderstanding about who can "touch" Ka-Zar, a brief fight breaks out. Cyclops and Marvel Girl], are captured by The Swamp Men who try to sacrifice them to a T-Rex. Ka-Zar controls mastodons, just like Tarzan can! Jean and Angel are rescued. Ka-Zar tells the X-Men to get out of his jungle.


Issue No.11

Issue No.11- The Triumph of Magneto! (1965)

The Stranger, described as a super-powerful being (not a mutant) and according to Cyclops (Cliche Alert) is "probably the most dangerous mutant we've ever faced!" Jean Grey has more romantic thoughts about Cyclops. Magneto and The Brotherhood try to coerce The Stranger into joining them but are unsuccessful. The Stranger zaps Mastermind with a beam that turns him into a block of something solid (he's not dead), then abducts Magneto and the Toad to study their mutant powers. Back at the mansion Cerebro (Xavier's Mutant Detection Gadget) goes berserk. "Whatever it is that's out there threatening us, it is the most powerful, most deadly danger we have ever faced!" There is definitely no rest for the X-Men in this series!


IssueNo. 12

Issue No.12- The Origin of Professor X! (1965)

Based on Cerebro's warning, the X-Men set up defenses around the school. Xavier reveals that his step-brother Juggernaut is the threat. A flashback tells the story of when Xavier was a child, this Father died in a nuclear research accident. A fellow scientist named Dr. Marko developed a romantic relationship with Xavier's Mom, just to get his hands on the family fortune. Evil Cain Marko, his son and Xavier's step-brother caused an accidental explosion in a lab fatally injuring his father. Before he dies, with his last breath Dr. Marko warns Xavier about Cain. Later during the Korean War, Cain is transformed into a mutant when he find the Temple of Cyttorak (black magic diety) in a cave and touches a powerful ruby which turns him into the Juggernaut. Back to the present, after fighting his way through all of the X-Men's defenses, Juggernaut stands face to face with Xavier and the reader is promised "one of the greatest battles of all time".



Issue No.13- Where Walks the Juggernaught (1965)

The fight continues with Juggernaut, protected by a mental-block helmet, prevents Xavier from attacking him. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) levitates the Juggernaut while Cyclops burns a deep hole in the ground. Jean releases him and he falls in the hole. Eventually Juggernaut digs his way out. The Professor uses his Mento-Helmit to broadcast a help signal across the city which is felt by both Daredevil and uman Torch.

After Juggernaut escapes the hole, Beast maneuvers him into the Danger Room. The training equipment slows him down. A team effort of Beast, Human Torch, and Angel are able to remove Juggernaut's helmet. Now he belongs to the Professor who mentally zaps him ending the fight. After Juggernaut is ready turned over to the authorities. Professor Xavier tells the Human Torch the X-Men are eternally grateful and then rewards him by wiping his short term memory. Yes it's true!


Issue No.14

Issue No.14- Among Us Stalk... The Sentinels! (1965)

This episode introduces The Sentinels, the mutant hunting robots originally created by Dr. Bolivar Trask who believes mutants are the greatest menace to mankind. Categorizing all mutants as "bad", the first witch hunt for mutants has begun. During a debate between Xavier and Trask, he reveals his invention, a squad of robots called Sentinels created to control and destroy Mutants who will not submit to authority.

However, in a surprise twist, the Sentinels run amok when they attack the Doctor, announcing they are superior to humans and must control humans to protect them. At times Cyclops has problems controlling his optical power beam. After accidentally damaging a cab, he is chased by an anti-mutant mob. The X-Men locate Sentinel Head Quarters, a hidden fortress that rises from beneath the ground, attacking them with energy beams as they approach.


Issue No.15

Issue No.15- Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold (1965)

Sentinels Part II- As the X-Men assault the Sentinel base, Dr. Trask tries to reason with the The Sentinels arguing that taking over Earth is not what he had in mind when he created them. The Professor mentally disables a group of the Sentinels who are manning the fortress's external defenses.

The Beast has been captured. The head Sentinel, Master Mold commands that the captured Beast be put under the Psycho Probe where he reveals the X-Men's mission is to protect Mankind from evil mutants. Dr. Trask anguishes about how wrong he was about the X-Men. Under the influence of the Psycho Probe, The Beast talks... a lot. Outside the fortress, the Professor creates an astral image of himself to enter the fortress and stop the Beast from revealing all of the X-Men's secrets and Xavier probes the Master Mold's analytical circuitry. The X-Men attacks are blunted by the Sentinel's heavy-gravity ray.

So ends episode 15 (the last issue of 1965) with the Master Mold (head Sentinel) demanding that Dr. Trask create an army of Sentinels for him. Trask yells "NO!" and is dragged away.



Issue No.16

Issue No.16- The Supreme Sacrifice (1966)

"In Which A Life Is Lost... A Battle Won!", The Sentinels Part III- Xavier discovers that a large crystal mounted on top of a building can neutralize the The Sentinels by disrupting their communications. The X-Men are captured, break free, and then are hit with a massive stun ray. But when they wake up all the Sentinels around them have collapsed. The Professor, the police, and the mysterious crystal are passing overhead in a helo.

Inside the fortress, the Master Mold is intent on manufacturing more Sentinels, threatening Bolivar Trask and the city with destruction if he does not cooperate. However, Trask knows that his actions will mean the enslavement of the human race, can't do it and instead, whacks the ionic power source with a wrench and kaboom, the fortress blows up, killing Trask and destroying the Master Mold, Sentinels, and Sentinel production equipment. Next episode includes "the most unexpected menace of all!"


Issue No.17

Issue No.17- And None Shall Survive! (1966)

Issue 17 starts with this warning: "You must not reveal the incredible ending to any living soul! (Remember... we'll be watching you!)".

Professor Xavier receives accolades from the Army, keeping it a secret he is an X-Man. Beast, Cyclops, and Iceman, are injured and taken to the hospital but keep their outfits on to protect their identities. Of the three, Iceman appears to be in the worst shape, unconscious and delirious. Complicating the situation Angel's parents plan on visiting Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Xavier senses some menace in the vicinity of the school, the X-Men headquarters, so Angel volunteers to scout it.

Inside the school Angel discovers a hostile presence. Xavier looses mental contact with Angel instructing Cyclops drive him post haste to the school. When Marvel Girl and The Beast notice everyone is gone but Iceman, they head for the school and one by one each of them are gotten the better of, but by who? The Issue ends with Angel's parents being greeted at Xavier's school by none other than Magneto, who was abducted and taken to another planet by 'The Stranger in a previous issue.


Issue No.18 (1966)

Issue No.18- If Iceman Should Fail! (1966)

If you remember in Issue 11, Magneto and Toad were abducted by The Stranger and whisked to another planet, so his appearance back on Earth is a surprise. Xavier probes Magneto's memory to discover, he hijacked a spaceship and during the escape, abandoned poor, devoted Toad.

'Magneto lifts Xavier's School/mansion with the intent of smashing it, but then decides to use it as his headquarters. He abducts Angel's parents, hypnotizing them, and uses a device (a Selector Panel) to measure their cell patterns with the intent of creating new mutants who will be at his command. Soon after, he starts growing mutants in large glass tubes.

In the gondola, the X-Men prisoners are in a tight spot. With the help of a talented doctor, Iceman has recovered at the hospital. Xavier is able to remove a mental shackle placed on his head and sends Iceman to stop Magneto's research and save Angel's parents.

Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) uses her abilities to stop the Gondola from rising. Cyclops punctures a hole in the gondola's gas bag and it starts to descend rapidly. Jean's most impressive telekinetic feat to date is accomplished when she arrests its descent at the last moment saving them from a deadly impact. Escaping, they engage Magneto in battle and during the fight Xavier uses his mental projection to call The Stranger, who suddenly appears. The episode ends with a panicky Magneto jumping in his magma car and speeding away with The Stranger in pursuit. Magneto's mutant research is stopped.


Issue No.19 (1966)

Issue No.19- Lo! Now Shall Appear-- The Mimic! (1966)

Iceman and the Beast encounter Calvin Rankin (The Mimic) while on a double date. who is irritated that his "girl friend" is on a date with someone else. During a fight they discover The Mimic can absorb their mutant powers, but this can only happen when he is physically close to them. Xavier knows that Calvin is not a mutant and is a troubled person. A back story describes how he gained this power as a boy because of an accident in his father's lab. The father built a machine to make his son's powers permanent, but it was lost in a cave-in.

After absorbing all of the X-Men powers, he fights them, kidnaps Marvel Girl, taking her to his cave, and tells her his story. The Mimic's plan is to lure the X-Men into his cave where after absorbing their powers, he can dig through the rubble to find the machine that will grant him permanent powers. But after locating the machine, the Professor tells the X-Men to allow The Mimic to use his father's machine because he (Xavier) knows the machine was designed to remove the Mimic's power permanently. The episode ends with a good old-fashioned Xavior mind wipe, and Calvin Rankin heads out to live a normal life as a college student. (or does he?)


Issue No.20 (1966)

Issue No.20- I, Lucifer (1966)

Robbing a bank, Blob and Unus who are dressed as X-Men are unwitting accomplices to Lucifer who put the idea into their heads with the hope of drawing out the X-Men. Lucifer, wants to defeat them in battle with the help of his robot henchmen.

Cyclops is quitting the X-Men to get medical help for his "sight" anxiety (energy eyeballs). He wants to be a normal person. Also, he hides his affection for Marvel Girl because he's afraid he'll accidentally hurt her, while Marvel Girl is practically falling over in love with him. On the way to the doctor, Cyclops runs into the bank robbers, confronting them as an X-Men. However, the witnesses think he is one of the bad guys and is forced to retreat as the crowd comes after him. The rest of the X-Men appear at the bank and are also attacked by the crowd. This is one of the ongoing themes of the X-Men, mankind's anxiety regarding mutants.

Blob and Unus escape. Lucifer senses that Xavier is probing his mental screen and sets off a device that fries Xavier's noggin, paralyzing him! However, Xavier is able to mentally tell Jean (Marvel Girl) the story of his past with Lucifer and how Lucifer causes Xavier to loose the use of his legs. The fight with Lucifer is why Xavier formed the X-Men. He recovers from his paralysis by telling Jean to give Beast the technical specs for a Beam Distorter that will heal him. Xavier senses Lucifer's hiding place in the U.S. Southwest desert. The X-Men fly out on their jet for the showdown with Lucifer and the "Startling Sinister Secret of Dominus!"


Issue No.21

Issue No.21- From Whence Comes Dominus? (1966)

The X-Men pursue Lucifer to his hidden layer at Buchanan's Butte. They use Iceman's ice raft to ride a river into a cave. Marvel Girl telepathically frees the X-men from a trap.

The Lucifer's history is revealed. He belongs to an alien race called the Quists who like taking over planets, turning their populations into slaves with the help of Dominus, a sentient super-computer.

Lucifer sets his robots on the X-Men, but Xavier is able to mentally turn them into reckless fighters to be defeated easily. Iceman creates an ice shield that reflects their attack rays back, destroying them. The Supreme One (Lucifer's master) dials in and finding that all of his precious robots are destroyed. In a huff, he banishes Lucifer to a "nameless dimension" and sucks the machine called Dominus back to its origins. As Lucifer starts to vanish, he cries out to the X-men for help as they wave good bye.


Dominus Fight!


Issue No. 22

Issue No.22- Divided We Fall! (1966)

By means of an illusion, the X-Men are captured one by one in Central Park by members of the Maggia, a criminal organization run by Count Nefaria and are whisked off to his ship where they are offered membership in his criminal organization. Nefaria's accomplices include Plantman, Scarecrow, Porcupine, Eel, and Unicorn. As part of a larger plan to take over the Earth, he attempts to isolate the Washington D.C. and ransom it.

There is competition between Angel and Cyclops for Marvel Girl's affection. Jean wants Scott, but the two of them can't seem to connect. Xavier witnessing young love, laments being confined to a wheel chair.


Issue No.23

Issue No.23- To Save A City (1966)

Maggia Part II- Count Nefaria uses a machine to form an impenetrable dome over the Capital, Washington D.C. and projects an illusion of the X-Men demanding a ransom. Xavier's plan has the X-Men tell Nefaria they will join his team and head to Washington to collect the ransom money. They are attacked by citizens and the U.S. Army. Some mutinous members of the Maggia, decide they are going to grab the money for themselves. In the end, Xavier destroys the machine that created the dome, Nafaria and Unicorn think they have escaped with the money, but it turns out they just have one of Xavier's illusions while the Coast Guard closes in to apprehend them. After the dust settles, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) reads a letter that arrived at the Xavier's School and announces, she must leave the X-Men forever!


Issue No. 24

Issue No.24- The Plague of The Locust! (1966)

After Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) graduates from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, her parents enroll her at Metro College and while compliant, she does not want to leave the X-Men (or Cyclops). More mental gymnastics regarding the unrealized love between Scott and Jean, but as usual no connection is made.

At college, trying to forget Cyclops, she meets Ted Roberts and develops a relationship with him. The Locust is a disgruntled college Professor called Doc Hopper, a genius, who employed by Ryan Chemicals developed the most potent of insecticides, but was never been given credit or the financial rewards. To gain the recognition, he concocts a plan to manipulate bugs, growing them to enormous size so he can be the one to rescue humanity, but the bugs get out of control and it is the X-Men and the U.S. Army that save him. Doc Hopper comes to his senses, seeing the error of his ways. The X-Men allow him to turn himself into the authorities.


Issue No.25

Issue No.25- The Power and the Pendant (1966)

The X-Men save some kids from a burning orphanage. They drop Jean Grey off at Metro College who is met by Ted Roberts, her new persistent friend. Simultaneously in the departing limo, both Angel and Cyclops ponder a possible future with Jean Grey.

El Tigre (Juan Meroz), a gem hunter in South America comes across a special pendant in Kukulcan's catch of Sacred Gold which gives him great power. But he only has half of the pendant and needs the other half to realize even greater power, so he comes to NYC to steal it from the museum and runs head long into the X-Men. El Tigre glosses over the part of an inscription mentioning a curse of the pendant. Before they can stop El Tigre, he obtains the other half of the pendant, puts them together and is transformed into the reincarnation of Kukulcan!


Issue No.26

Issue No.26- Holocaust (1966)

While at school, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) receives a call from Professor Xavier to research Mayan history and legends. She discovers the legend and curse of the pendant which tells of a violent holocaust if its powers are misused. A possible turning point in the relationship of Cyclops and Marvel Girl occurs when Cyclops senses that Jean Grey cares for him as much as he cares for her. Angel realizes and resents Jean's feelings for Cyclops.

El Tigre (Juan Meroz) successfully joins the two halves of the pendant to become the reincarnation of the Mayan God Kukulcan and heads back to the source of his newly acquired power at the ancient South American temple with the X-Men in hot pursuit. Beast discovers that a huge gem on top of an idol is the source of El Tigre’s power. In an attempt to dislodge the X-Man from the idol, El Tigre blasts the ground setting off a huge earthquake which swallows the idol and his pendant, converting El Tigre back to a mortal man, who is quickly apprehended. During the fight, Cyclops accidentally hit Angel with his optic energy. Angel accuses Cyclops of attacking him on purpose (because of their competition for Marvel Girl's affection).


Issue No.27

Issue No.27- Re-enter the Mimic! (1966)

The last issue of 1966 is one of the most complex and interesting stories to date. First there is The Mimic (Calvin Rankin)', who lost his powers and had his memory wiped by Xavier in Episode No.19, now a college student, regains his memory after an injury and invites himself to Xavier’s to join the X-Men. The problem is he is an egotistic trouble maker. In a surprising twist, Cyclops steps down as the deputy commander of the X-Men and Professor Xavier appoints The Mimic as X-Men Team Leader. In practice fighting, the solo Mimic bests the X-Men, but not all is as it appears. At college, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) develops a friendly relationship with Ted Roberts. She also has time to design new uniforms that although are still blue and yellow, include more blue in the shirts along the side of the torso, giving the yellow area a more sleek angular appearance.

The villain of this issue is the Puppet Master who uses a special radioactive clay to create images of people to take mental control of them. He desires control the X-Men so they will fight his enemies, the Fantastic Four. First he tries to control Xavier, but when that does not work, he chooses the new X-Men Team Leader, Mimic. It turns out that Xavier was aware of the Puppet Master's efforts and reacted by putting The Mimic in charge of the X-Men as bate. To deceive the PM in the practice fighting sessions between The Mimic and the X-Men, Xavier had instructed the X-Men to hold back to make it appear The Mimic was stronger than he really was. The showdown occurs at Puppet Master's lair. After beating a large android Defender, the X-Men confront him while he brandishes a Mimic puppet. The PM orders the Mimic to attack the X-Men but to the PM's surprise, the Mimic resists the command! Angel, who is still recovering from his fight with El Tigre, summons all of his strength to snatch the Mimic puppet out of the PM's hands. The act releases mental control of the Mimic. The build up to a spectacular conclusion ends with a whimper as the Mimic realizes he is being controlled, the Puppet Master suddenly disappears, and the X-Men rush to Angel's aid. The Mimic anguishes about his future and lack of permanent mimic abilities.



Issue No.28 (1967)

Issue No.28- The Wail of the Banshee! (1967)

At Metro College, Ted Roberts, Jean's friend tells her the reason he drives himself so hard is because of his over-achieving brother, Ralph Roberts. But before the conversation can develop, a news radio flash is broadcast about a mysterious mass-mental blackout in downtown Manhattan, an art gallery break in, along with stolen tobacco! Newly introduced, Banshee (Sean Cassidy), the Ogre, and the organization called Factor Three plan on attacking the X-Men! The Banshee's ability is to create debilitating sound waves that also allow him to fly. He appreciates fine art and likes smoking a pipe to the extent that he wreaks havoc in downtown NYC to fetch some tobacco. Ogre may not be a mutant because his abilities rely exclusively on mechanical gizmos. On behalf of an organization called Factor Three, Ogre and Banshee locate and attack X-Men headquarters, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. A pleasant surprise is that The Mimic (Calvin Rankin) is now working as a X-Man, playing an important part in defeating them. There are two rounds of the fight. The first round is a stalemate. Banshee's wail is difficult to defend against until Xavier, probes Ogre's mind figuring out what kind of material he needs to use for an effective anti-Banshee ear plug for the X-Men. This time when the Banshee sonically attacks them, he is confounded when his attack has no meaningful effect! As he tries to escape, he is captured by a sonic blast from Mimic who has absorbed his power, along with a "specially treated" steel netting, and a gas pellet fired by the Beast. Once incapacitated, the Banshee is placed inside a special chamber that neutralizes his ability to vibrate the air. The Mimic allows his huge misplaced ego to run his mouth. Despite this tendency, Cyclops realizes that the Mimic made the difference in this fight. The Professor determines that Banshee is a good mutant not acting on his own accord and removes an electronic headband that forced Banshee to cooperate with Ogre. With a combined effort from Mimic and Cyclops, Ogre is apprehended.. The Professor tells the gang that Factor 3 is a most dangerous secret organization with plans to conquer the Earth!


Issue No. 29 (1967)

Issue No.29- When Titans Clash! (1967)

In the Danger Room, Professor Xavier puts The X-Men, including The Mimic (Calvin Rankin) through their paces, but without fail, Calvin has a bad attitude, and gets into a fight with the rest of the X-Men team. Xavier tries to stay out of it but finally, tells the Mimic to leave the school and announces that the X-Men will have to fight Factor Three (see Issue No.28) without Mimic. As he leaves, Mimic grumbles something about getting even.

The X-men take some time to relax. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) and Calvin enjoy ice skating on a private pond. Meanwhile, Cyclops is tormented trying to control his energy eye balls without the use of a visor. In frustration, he blasts a hill disturbing the Super Adaptoid who was hiding underground in Revolutionary War tunnels after a fight with the The Avengers. The Super Adaptoid threatens Iceman, who covers him in ice, then runs back to the mansion to warn the others, but they do not believe him. Later during the X-Men's casual football game the Super Adaptoid goes after Marvel Girl with the intention of turning her and the X-Men into androids like himself. A fight erupts as Super Adaptoid tries to absorb Mimic’s powers but because they are not permanent, something goes wrong, short circuiting his wiring. He falls into a river, but just before splashing in and disappearing, he expresses confidence that "the world has not yet heard the last of the Adaptoid"! The issue ends with the X-Men forgiving Calvin for saving their behinds, and Calvin actually discovers some humility and the value of friendship!


Issue No.30 (1967)

Issue No.30- The Warlock Wakes! (1967)

A giant hand pulls the X-Men into alternate space, a void. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) and the Professor are confronted by the Warlock, a man dressed in exotic magically-themed clothing.

The Warlock has the power to nullify the Professor's abilities. He is attracted to Jean Grey, while controlling her mind, as he summons a trio of winged stallions that whisks them to his subterranean castle guarded by men in mid-evil armor armed with tommy guns. Angel escapes the void and follows them .

The Warlock has a machine with the power to remove the knowledge of modern technology from the minds of the human race, which if successfully used, would allowing him and his gang to rule the Earth. The Professor helps the other X-Men escape the void. The Warlock prepares a tournament and tells the X-men if they win, he will cancel his plans for world domination. The X-men win, the Warlock reneges on his promise, he is bagged by the X-Men and forced back into the coma (see the Warlock backstory in the X-Men Chronology article Add link).

As the episode ends, the X-Men mop up the remainder of Warlock's thugs. And as they head for home, Marvel Girl ponders 'Cyclops (Scott Summers intense concern for her during the time she was dominated by Warlock, wondering if Cyclops has feelings for her, and if so, why he has never said anything about it? The suspense of un-fullfilled X-Men love continues!


Issue No.31 (1967)

Issue No.31- We Must Destroy The Cobalt Man! (1967)

Professor Xavier asks 'Cyclops (Scott Summers to take the books on Columbian Civilization ( used for reference in the recent fight with El Tigre) over to Jean (Marvel Girl) at the college. Angel (Warren Worthington III tells Scott he was going over to look up Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) so why doesn't he give Scott a lift -and- make Jean choose between the two of them! Scott accepts.

Beast (Hank McCoy). and Iceman (Bobby Drake) prepare for their double dates with Zelda and Vera. While dressing, Hank once again laments his fate of being an X-Man and how he wishes to be just a regular Homo Sapien.

At Coffee A Go-Go, a Greenwich village coffee shop, Hank, Bobby and their dates listen to Bernard, the hippie poet, who notices Zelda, and to Bobby's consternation invites himself to their table. Bobby quietly freezes his coffee to make him go away.

At Metro College, Jean Grey's friend Ted Roberts, introduces her to his over achieving elder brother 'Cobalt Man (Ralph Roberts' whom who he is very competitive with. Ralph is a former employee at Stark Industries, home of Iron Man. Ted, Ralph, and Jean, meet up with Scott and Angel at a local diner. When Ralph invites them to his research lab, Angel decides it's time to look for other fish in the sea and excuses himself. He wanders into the Monkey's Paw, the "East-Side world of post-Twist teens and Watusi-ing teeny-boppers" and runs into Candy Sothern, a girl from his youth. They sit down to compare notes.

At the Lab, Ralph puts on a Cobalt suit he created to compete with Iron Man but something goes haywire, the suit has some design flaws and possibly associated with a knock on his head, (earlier in the story), Ralph kind of loses his mind, deciding he must take down Iron Man and anyone who stands in his way (whatever that means). He punches out his brother, Ted and leaving the lab appears oblivious about destroying the equipment used to create the Cobalt suit.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl raced towards the calamity of equipment being destroyed but they both take a moment to reflect about the perfect romantic situation now being ruined by another event. Jean is quite certain, Scott was just about to ask her on a date!! The X-Men have to defend themselves and end up splashing Cobalt Man in the river, which short circuits his suit. This episode ends with Ralph coming to his senses, while Ted seems to suspect that Marvel Girl is Jean Grey and Cyclops is Scott Summers.


Issue No.32 (1967)

Issue No.32- Beware The Juggernaut My Son! (1967)

Lots of X-Men appear at Coffee A Go Go, a Greenwich Village Coffe shop. Beast (Hank McCoy) and Iceman (Bobby Drake) on dates with Zelda and Vera, fight a Wild One-like motorcycle gang called Satan's Saints. Amazingly, 'Cyclops (Scott Summers and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) appear as a couple and Angel (Warren Worthington III is there with his date Candy Sothern, a child-hood friend. More antics with Bernard, the beatnik poet.

The Professor tries to revive his step brother, Juggernaut (Cain Marko) who has been in a coma since episode 13. But during the experiment with both of them hooked up to a machine, Factor Three interferes causing the machine to blow up, Juggernaut to wake up, and Xavier to be left unconscious on the floor. Juggernaut fights the X-Men at the school, but the fight is interrupted when he receives orders to head for Europe to rendezvous with Factor 3. Story continues in episode 33.


Issue No.33 (1967)

Issue No.33- Into the Crimson Cosmos! (1967)

Continuation of X-Men’s Factor 3 confrontation from episode 32. Juggernaut heads to NYC, to steal a jet so he can fly to Europe and rendezvous with [Factor Three. Scanning the Xavier's brain (who is still unconscious from the last episode) with a mental amplifier, Jean discovers the secret of Juggernaut's power, The Ruby of Cyttorak. A vision hundreds of years old shows a young mystic The Ancient One approaching the Temple of Cyttorak in Korea (Juggernaut's source of power) to be confronted by a being who calls himself, Xorak, Guardian of the Temple. They engage in magical combat and the Mystic prevails forcing Xorak into the Ruby of Cyttorak, causing him to disappear into the Crimson Cosmos, a dimension associated with The Temple.

For more information, the X-Men use Cerebro to search for The Ancient One. An image describing itself as Doctor Strange appears and makes this statement: Who calls the Ancient One... Calls Dr. Strange! The Ancient One is no more. His essence has passed to me...his mystic disciple! I have come here from Stonehenge at great risk. The X-Men ask for information abut Cyttorak. The image tells them, that two of them must go on a dangerous journey to the Temple of Cyttorak, face him, and repeat an incantation to acquire the Ruby Prototype. With Cyclops (Scott Summers and Marvel Girl's concurrence, Dr. Strange sends them to the Crimson Cosmos to retrieve the Ruby Prototype.

The other X-Men struggle fighting Juggernaut, but when Cyclops and Jean appear on the scene, Juggernaut grabs the Ruby Prototype, there is a huge explosion, and Juggernaut is sucked into the Crimson Cosmos (permanently?). The X-Men get back to the Xavier's mansion to discover the Professor is missing and presumed to be a prisoner of Factor 3.


Issue No.34 (1967)

Issue No.34- War- In a World of Darkness (1967)

The X-Men are sidetracked from their Factor Three encounter when Ralph Roberts (formerly Cobalt Man), head of Robertson Research is abducted by Tyrannus to help him in his battle with Mole Man. Angel (Warren Worthington III, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), and Iceman (Bobby Drake) searching the underground caverns, fight with Mole Man who exposes them to river mists that put them under his mental control. Roberts is forced to help Tyrannus by coating his robot with super cobalt alloy (Robert's invention), so it can beat Mole Man’s 30' tall Diamond Android.

To make a long story short, Ralph Roberts sabotages Tyrannus’s robot so it blows up; the X-men briefly fight each other until the ones controlled by Moleman are sprayed with an antidote. Both Tyrannus and Mole Man are exposed to the mysterious river mists and left wandering the caverns wondering who they are.


Issue No.35 (1967)

Issue No.35- Along Came a Spider (1967)

Professor Xavier was abducted by Factor Three in Episode 33. Now Banshee is on a mission to locate Factor 3’s hideout in the Alps. He sends a brief puzzling message “Beware the spider” to the X-Men before being captured. Factor 3 sends a flying saucer to snoop on the X-Men but Spiderman (Peter Parker) who is passing by fights and destroys a mechanical spider that emerges from the saucer. The X-Men appear on the scene with “Beware the Spider” on their minds and assume Spiderman is the spider they were warned about. Finally the misunderstanding is straightened out and the X-Men refocus on chasing Factor 3 to the Alps.


Issue No.36 (1967)

Issue No.36- Mekano Lives! (1967)

Continuation of the X-Men’s encounter with Factor Three. The Professor has been missing since episode 33. Without the Professor and his vast resources around, the X-Men are broke and explore a variety of methods of raising cash so they can fly to Europe and save him. Iceman (Bobby Drake) and Beast (Hank McCoy) become street performers at Washington Square Park. After getting the Professor’s Rolls towed, the X-Men catch a ride to the park with a stranger, Mekano (Tom Regal). Little do they know that Tom is the neglected son of philanthropist Mr. Regal who has just built a new library. To get some attention Tom steals a mechanical suit from the Universities research lab to become Mekano and for some attention, starts trashing the new library. The X-Men fight him and ultimately save him from falling to his death. Mekano has a change of heart, makes up with his Dad, and Dad gives the X-Men a reward large enough to get the Rolls out of impound and purchase airfare tickets for Europe. Now they can go fight Factor 3!


Issue No. 37 (1967)

Issue No.37- We, The Jury (1967)

Continuation of Factor Three fight. The following bad mutants are featured: Changeling, Vanisher, Mastermind, Unus, and Blob. The commercial airliner flying the X-Men to Europe is attacked by a Factor 3 flying saucer. The X-Men bail out without parachutes. Cyclops (Scott Summers destroys the saucer with an optical blast, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), uses her telekinesis to slow the group down. Angel (Warren Worthington III, grabs some of them and Iceman (Bobby Drake) makes an ice ramp to help the other make a safe landing. After being surrounded by mechanical spiders, the X-Men are captured by Factor 3. The X-Men are tried by a kangaroo court composed of former mutant adversaries, and found guilty of treason against Homo Superiors, (the mutants). They are sentenced by the Mutant Master to have their wills sucked out of them by an Oblivio Ray. Fortunately they escape the machine, but not before the Mutant Master leaves his fortress in the Alps with the X-men are locked in and trying to figure out a way to escape before the Mutant Master can spark a nuclear holocaust between cold war adversaries.


Issue No.38 (1967)

Issue No.38- The Sinister Shadow of Doomsday! (1967)

The X-Men escape the Mutant Master’s hideout in the Alps. They know his plan is to start WWIII by blowing up some Iron Curtain Generals and by taking control of and launching U.S. ICBM missiles at Eastern Europe. Cyclops (Scott Summers and Iceman (Bobby Drake) try to convince the U.S. military of the threat, but when they are not believed, the X-Men start destroying ICBMs. In Eastern Europe, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl try to reach and convince the Eastern Block Generals of the threat, but land in the clink. Xavier and Changeling have a discussion about armageddon. Changeling slaps Xavier when he suggests Changeling is being used. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) is showing tremendous increases in her telekinetic abilities, her ability to dodge attacks and even gather poisonous gas and control it with her mind.

X-Men Origins I: A Man Called X

This story is included in Issue No.38. The public becomes aware of the so-called mutant menace in the mid-1960’s causing near panic in some cities. Professor Xavier who is a virtual hermit in his Westchester, N.Y. mansion, has previously vowed not to get involved in the affairs of Homo Sapiens, decides he must become proactive and heads for Washington, D.C. as a FBI mutant investigation begins. At a the guarded FBI building, Xavier displays impressive mental talents controlling the minds of three guards Obi-Wan Kenobi style, allowing him into the building and then wiping their minds of the occurrence. Two FBI agents are watching a film of an accident where a falling air conditioning unit is disintegrated by a person, a mutant with an energy beam erupting from his eyes. We know him as Cyclops (Scott Summers. The agents are surprised by Xavier who appears behind them, explains he is a mutant, and despite their best (failed) efforts to eject him pitches his plan to locate and approach mutants to keep them from becoming a menace to the human race. FBI Agent Duncan accepts.


Issue No.39 (1967)

Issue No.39- The Fateful Finale! (1967)


X-Mens' New Duds 1967

Conclusion of the Factor Three conflict. Cyclops (Scott Summers and Iceman (Bobby Drake) (stalwarts of the early X-Men) prevent Mastermind and Unus from taking over the ICBM base. Angel (Warren Worthington III, Beast (Hank McCoy), and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) save the Russian Generals from being blown up.

During the Mutant Master fight, the mobile platform that he rides around on, comes apart to reveal an incredible sight. The Mutant Master is not only not a mutant or a Human but is an alien, a Siris to be exact, a large tentacled octopoid creature from the Siris Star System who wants to conquer the Earth. All of the mutants good and bad fight the Siris. As it faces defeat, the Siris pushes a button that blows up the remaining Factor 3 robots and kills himself. The good and bad mutants face each other, but instead of more conflict, decide to call it a day and head home. Jean Grey has made the X-Men their 3rd new uniform design. (The last change was Issue No.27.)



Issue No.40 (1968)

Issue No.40- Mark of the Monster (1968)

Sorry folks, the weakest X-Men story to date. The Professor senses a discovery in the Arctic, long lost Frankenstein's monster (as created by Mary Shelly) has been located frozen in a slab of ice and sent to the NYC Museum for study. It wakes up, the X-Men go to confront it, hoping they can make friends, but it does not like "costumed characters" and fights them displaying special abilities like incredible strength, energy eye-balls, sticking itself to the floor, and stomping shock waves. After kicking X-Men buttock, the Monster somehow boards a ship underway, with the X-Men in pursuit. More fighting and Iceman ends up dousing it in heaps of ice causing it to explode. It's probably better if you don't wonder why it did not explode before when it was in a block of ice...

Who was the monster android? An ambassador sent to earth to make contact with mankind by un-named "costumed" aliens, but due to a "malfunction" it went bonkers. The Aliens chased it to the Arctic but lost track of it. When it woke up the appearance of costumed characters, the X-Men, set up the confrontation and it's demise. Poor android.


Issue No.41 (1968)

Issue No.41- Now Strikes...The Sub-Human (1968)

  • Credits: Editing by: Stan Lee; Scripting by: Roy Thomas and Don Heck; Inked by: George tuska; Lettered by: Sam Rosen.
  • Characters Introduced: Grotesk, Dr. Hunt.
  • Characters Featured: Zelda and Vera, girl friends of Iceman and The Beast.
  • 'Gadgets:'Iceman Ice Boomerang, Nuclear Occilator.


The Sub-Human who lives in the Sub-Way... well, not really, but that is where the X-Men, Beast (Hank McCoy) and Iceman (Bobby Drake) fight him after he messes up their double date with Vera and Zelda by stopping the subway train they are riding. When Bobby and Hank come out to investigate, the Sub-Human attacks them. When Hank refers to him as "grotesque", the Sub-Human who can't remember his name, adopts the name Grotesk and then escapes down a tunnel which he seals behind him.

Grotesk is really Prince Gor-Tok and as his memory returns, he recalls belonging to a great underground waring civilization about to invade the upper world when the Humans above accidentally destroy his subterranean civilization with nuclear bomb testing, killing all those he knows and loves. A large douse of radiation, turned him into a very strong mutant and now known as Grotesk, The Sub-Human he is seeking out the Nuclear Oscillator, an invention of a Dr. Hunt which can be used to cause Earth tremors and possibly rip the Earth apart, exactly what Grotesk has in mind.

At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the Professor is short tempered. He and Marvel girl share a secret. She urges him to tell the others, but he declines. This issue also includes a Cyclops (Scott Summers back story feature: The Living Diamond!

X-Men Origins II: The Living Diamond!

The back story of Scott Summers (Cyclops), leading up to his becoming an X-Man. The scene opens before the days of X-men, with Scott Summers accompanying an evil mutant called Jack O' Diamonds (Jack Winters) to a Nuclear power plant to be confronted by Professor Xavier. Whatever the evil deed on Jack's mind, the Professor is holding him stationary with "mental bolts" as Jack commands Scott to attack the Professor, but Scott declines. Jack uses his "diamond hard" hands to tear out a support structure and fling it at the Professor. The Professor mentally deflects it, but Jack has done enough damage to cause the part of the structure to collapse. He and Scott barely escape outside. Scott is worried about the fate of the man in the wheelchair.

The narrative reveals that Jack wants to use Scott's optic energy beams to break into the Cyclotron Center so that when he (Jack) takes an "atomic bath" (exposure to radiation), it will turn his entire body into a diamond hard material just like his hands. As Jack exposes himself to radiation, outside the young Scott Summers is holding off the police, not because he wants to help Jack, but because he is convinced that if they get inside, Jack will kill them. The Professor knocks the guards out using his mental powers and tells Scott to follow his instructions. Although Summers does not know who the Professor is, he trusts him and obeys. Inside the nuclear facility, Jack O' Diamonds has succeeded in turning himself into a living diamond. (Story continued as part of Issue No.42).


Issue No.42 (1968)

Issue No.42- If I Should Die...! (1968)

Part II of Grotesk encounter. The Professor and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) share a secret concerning Xavier, not telling the rest of the X-Men. Cyclops (Scott Summers and Beast (Hank McCoy) fight Grotesk in his cavern, while Angel (Warren Worthington III), verbally accosts Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) and demands to see the Xavier. The Professor tells him that Cyclops and Beast can handle themselves and that they, Iceman (Bobby Drake), Angel, and Marvel Girl are to remain at the school. Angel can't believe this is the Professor talking.


Death of Professor X! (1968)

The scene switches to an undisclosed location, having located the Nuclear Oscillator, Grotesk bursts through the wall apprehending the person operating the machine, who turns out to be... Xavier! The narrative explains that the Professor wanted to lure Grotesk to the machine so he could handle him alone and not endanger the rest of the X-Men. As Grotesk tries to activate the machine, he is gripped by Xavier's mental power that commands him to turn away. A mental duel ensues between Xavier and Grotesk, but Grotesk is able to turn on the machine and then Angel appears! The Professor yells for Angel to turn off the machine before it is too late! Carrying "solar orbs", Angel momentarily blinds Grotesk who takes off in pursuit of him as Marvel Girl tries to turn off the machine, but the handle is jammed and an ominous vibration starts to be felt. Both Marvel Girl and the Professor concentrate blasting the machine with their mental power. Alerted, Grotesk leaves the fight with the X-men and returns to the machine where he tries to increase its power output, inadvertently causing the Nuclear Oscillator to explode, killing him. In a shocker of an ending, Professor Xavier apparently dies in the arms of Angel! This issue also includes a second Cyclops back story feature: The End or the Beginning!

X-Men Origins III: The End or The Beginning?

The conclusion of Cyclops back story started in Issue No.41. "I'm the Living Diamond!" spouts Jack O' Diamonds (Jack Winters) after exposing himself to radiation at a nuclear power plant. Professor Xavier tries to talk sense to Jack but when he attacks the Professor and Scott (the future Cyclops) blasts him with his optical beam. The Professor and Scott rush inside the facility and locate an Ultra Sonic Vibration Inducer, described by the Professor as a machine designed to test the reaction of radio-active isotopes under stress. Jack's movements are slowing and the Professor warns him several times "for his own good" to stop. Jack refuses and attacks the Professor a second time. Scott turns on the device and again the Professor warns Jack to stand still. Jack refuses to give up his "diamond state" and struggles until, KA-BOOM he is blown to smithereens! Afterwards, Xavier tells Scott he wants to form a team of mutants to do good things, and have Scott lead the group. Scott accepts and becomes the first X-Man.


Issue No.43 (1968)

Issue No.43- The Torch Is Passed! (1968)

Magneto is back, along with Toad, Quick Silver, and Scarlet Witch.. After Professor Xavier's death, Magneto makes plans on his island to marshal his forces and finish off the X-Men. If you remember in a previous issue, Magneto abandoned Toad on an alien planet, but Toad is back in Magneto's service again. Magneto portrays himself as a benefactor of Quick Silver and the Scarlet Witch, but in reality he is a bad guy who has manipulated them into joining him and has treacherous plans for the brother-sister pair (Avengers Issue No.49 is mentioned).

Quick Silver displays something approaching regret when he attends Xavier's funeral. It is revealed that Quick Silver regarded Xavier as his only friend and hoped that he could help cure his sister, Scarlet Witch who has lost her hex abilities. Playing both sides of the street, Quick Silver regards Magneto as cruel, but is also looking to him for a possible cure for his sister.

Back at Xavier's mansion, the X-Men discover a video made by Xavier that explains: 1) He died from a disease (un-named). 2) He trained Jean in telepathy to take over some of his abilities. It looks like the X-Men are on their own.

Magneto is looking for a ship reportedly carrying a computer he needs to create emanations designed to blanket the Earth turning the human population into slaves. He also claims it will help him help the Scarlet Witch's hex abilities. The ship becomes a trap for the X-Men who are taken by surprise when it is lifted out of the water! They fight the evil mutant on his island. The episode ends with Magneto gloating in apparent triumph as he throws a switch electrocuting the floor and the X-Men! (Story continued next issue.)

This issue also includes a third Cyclops back story feature: Call Him Cyclops!

X-Men Origins IV: Call Him...Cyclops

The third a Cyclops (Scott Summers back story explaining how his powered eyeballs work. Scott Summer's brown eyes store sun light like batteries and emit a red energy beam. Unfortunately he can't control it and any time he opens his unshielded eyes, this powerful beam has a habit of destroying whatever he is looking at. It is specifically stated that the beam created by Cyclops eyes is primarily force, not heat.

However the FX department for X-Men movies may not have it quite right, when in the Origins Wolverine Movie, Sabertooth tackles Scott Summers in school and the destruction cut through the exterior of the school appears to have a heat effect with glowing edges. The makers of the X-Men movies have constructed a separate X-Men universe with very little correlation to the comics.

To compensate when in civilian clothes, Cyclops wears sunglasses made of Ruby Quartz and when in uniform, a special visor (of the same material) that can retract instantly when he presses a button on its side. A secret until now, Cyclops has buttons in the palms of his hands that control the visor so he does not have to raise his hand to activate it. If you've been reading recent issues, he is gaining control over the beam, being able to modulate its width and strength to a less destructive, more manipulative state such as when he used it to catch/decelerate Angel in the fight with Grotesk. He can also use this force to pull objects, using it to slow down a vehicle traveling away from him. The effectiveness of his optic beams depends on whom and what he is using it on.


Issue No. 44 (1968)

Issue No.44- Red Raven, Red Raven! (1968)

After being shocked into unconsciousness at the end of the last issue, the X-Men are locked up in custom devices designed to negate their mutant abilities by Magneto's henchman, Toad and are guarded by Quick Silver. Magneto hopes that after this defeat, the X-Men might join him! .

As the X-Men regain their senses, they are disappointed to see Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch standing over them and accuse them of joining Magneto. Before they end the discussion, Quicksilver makes a case that Homo Sapiens have mistreated them so they have no choice but join the cause of Homo Superior.

Angel (Warren Worthington III) is locked up in an electrified bird cage, but finds a device conveniently located just outside his prison. Using it to disintegrate the bars, he escapes and heads for NYC seeking The Avenger's help, but gets caught up in a raging gale. Exhausted, he lands on a small bit of coral rising above the waves. Suddenly the little spec of land, rises up into an island with a metal door. Inside Angel discovers a large scientific complex and is confronted by Red Raven who attacks him, claiming that no man is allowed to enter the sanctuary and that no man can be allowed to live to tell of it!

But as Angel gets the upper hand, Red Raven desires to chat. He tells Angel that he is a human who lived with the Bird Men on a floating island in the sky, normally obscured by a severe storm. (See backstory below.) It is his duty to re-sink the island, and prevent war between the Humans the the Bird Men. He zaps Angel with a ray gun, who later awakens on a plank of wood, the island is gone. Angel launches into the air for NYC. (Story continued in Issue No. 45.)

This issue also includes the first Iceman (Bobby Drake) back story feature: The Iceman Cometh!

Xmen Origins V: The Iceman Cometh!

An Iceman (Bobby Drake) After an incident over competition for a girl, Nancy Harmon and Bobby are attacked while walking her home. Not yet an X-Men, Bobby uses his ice powers to subdue them. Nancy is freaked out and wants nothing more to do with Bobby. A mob shows up at Bobby's house to apprehend him or worse. He pelts them with conjured snowballs and gets tossed in jail. (Continued in Issue No.45.)

Backstory of Lost Race of Birdmen

When he was a child flying with his parents (in an airplane), they crashed into an island in the sky. He survived and was raised by the Bird People. He realized he was human and they were not and on his twenty first birthday he discovered the Bird People were going to attack the human race He urged them to reconsider, but failed to change their minds. As the bird men prepared to launch their attack, he put them into an extended 20 year sleep using a suspended animation gas. Red Robin's goal is to sink the island, keeping the Bird Men asleep for another 20 years.


Issue No.45 (1968)

Issue No.45- When Mutants Clash! (1968)

Continued from last episode. Angel makes it back to NYC but the reader is informed, they will have to read Avengers No.55 to see what luck Angel has seeking help from the Avengers. Cyclops (Scott Summers escapes and fights QuickSilver. QS gets Cyclops to listen as he pitches Magnetos idea for a country just for mutants. Cyclops rejects the idea, knocking out QS. As Cyclops tries to revive him, the Avengers show up, The END. In an aggravating bit of Marvel marketing, the reader is told to read the cataclysmic conclusion of this two parter in Avengers Issue No.53- In Battle Joined!.

Avengers Issue No. 53 Condensed: The Avengers fight and beat the X-Men who are under Magneto's Mind Control. Time for Magneto to leave. His continual abuse of Toad reaches a head. Magneto tells Toad to get the ship ready to escape. Fed up, Toad sets up a generator overload to blow up Magneto's facility, then with Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch, takes off in the ship without Magneto. Magneto leaps, barely hanging on to the ship as it flies away when Toad stomps on Magneto's fingers causing him to fall to the rocks below. The final scene is an ocean filled with smoking debris and the remains of Magneto's helmet!

X-Men Origins VI: And the Mob Cried Vengeance!

Part II of the Iceman backstory started in Episode 44. Bobby Drake is sitting in jail when Cyclops appears and offers him freedom. Bobby declines, but Cyclops blows a hole in the cell and abducts Bobby. They are caught by the Sheriff. (Story continued in Issue No.46.)


Issue No.46 (1968)

Issue No.46- The End of the X-Men! (1968)

During a visit to Professor Xavier's grave, the X-Men run into FBI FBI Agent Duncan, whom the Professor has coordinated some of his activities with in previous episodes. Duncan wants to speak with the X-Men so they invite him back to Xavier's School while they attend the reading of Xavier's will. Duncan agrees to wait. Professor Xavier has left all of his assets to either the school or the X-men to be administered by Cyclops (Scott Summers. At the end of the will reading, Duncan springs it on the X-Men that a situation has developed that effects the fate of the entire world!

The scene switches to the Crimson Cosmos, and The Juggernaught, who if you remember got sent there back in Episode No.33 (1967), but suddenly he finds himself in the basement of Xavier's School. The Professor created a machine capable of fetching Juggernaught and somehow it activated. When the Juggernaught appears, and realizes where he is, vengeance and his desire to kill Xavier bubbles over.

Hearing a ruckus in the basement as machinery is being destroyed, the X-Men descend and confront him. It is apparent he is not aware of Xavier's death and when they tell him, he flies into a rage being cheated of the greatest goal in his life (killing Xavier), but he also thinks this is some kind of trick to protect Xavier. Juggernaught attacks the X-Men who are no match for his power, as he downs all of the X-Men. Upstairs Juggernaught meets Agent Duncan, whacks him against the ceiling and throws him out a window. What starts as the second round of a fight between Juggernaught and the X-Men is short lived when suddenly with special effects, he (Juggernaught) disappears back to the Crimson Cosmos! The X-Men deduce that the Professor set up the machine so the effects of it would wear off if Juggernaught was not otherwise treated (his powers removed).

Agent Duncan appears a little worse for wear, but he survived and he insists that the situation is such that the X-Men must split up. It's an order! They are too easy of a target for the evil mutants if they stay together in a group. Duncan tells them a letter will be sent to each of them, telling them were to go. Beast, calls the order BS, but Cyclops feels that they will be able to fight more effectively if they spread out. (Huh? It has been proven multiple times, they do better coordinating their efforts as a team.) As the X-Men pack their bags and leave, surprise, surprise, Cyclops stands there and thinks "Am I actually going to stand here and let the only girl I'll ever love walk out of my life?" While Jean Gray thinks "He...he isn't going to come after me! Maybe he does not care after all?" (Give me a break, just head your separate ways, you losers!)

"End of the X-Men" is just a tease title, which means nothing to the story. The X-Men split up for a time due to the insistence of FBI Agent Duncan

X-Men Origins VII: And Then There Were Two

Continued from Issue No.45- And The Crowd Cried Vengeance! After to trying to rescue Iceman (Bobby Drake) from jail, both an exhausted Iceman and Cyclops (Scott Summers (unable to use their powers until they recharge) found themselves surrounded by a vigilante gang intent on "string'n em up". The Sheriff intervenes, but he is wrestled to the side and the group brings out the ropes! Professor Xavier's Rolls Royce is fast approaching. Cyclops gets a mental message from the Professor, then he has enough power to zap the rope holding Bobby. One armed member of the mob raises his rifle to shoot Cyclops, but Iceman pelts him up side the head with multiple ice balls (ouch!), then Cyclops kicks and thumps the crap out of another moron, before the pair of X-Men take flight (running) escaping to Bobby Drake's house. The Professor is there. He has wiped the mobs brains of this incident. His parents agree to send Bobby to Xavier's school.


Issue No.47 (1968)

Issue No.47- The Warlock Wears Three Faces! (1968)

The X-Men have split up on the insistence of FBI Agent Duncan, spreading out to intercept mutant menaces quickly. However there is always time for love and on a double date, Beast (Hank McCoy), Iceman (Bobby Drake), with Zelda and Vera, Beast questions if splitting up is the right move. At Coffee A-Go Go, they get into a fight with some beatniks, then later at a show featuring Maha Yogi, the boys discover they are dealing with The Warlock (first appearance in Episode 30) as he hypnotizes this crowd and every crowd he entertains, with the idea of turning them into his psychic slave army!

Hank and Bobby battle the Warlock. During the hu-bub, the crowd is broken out of their trance and cheer for Beast as he drops the stage curtain on the Warlock! Iceman turns on a special effects tape which drives the Warlock almost insane (apparently Warlock can't stand loud noises) and he gives up to be arrested by the police. Iceman and Beast revert to their street clothes to rejoin the girls. who are on the verge of dumping them because most of their dates turn into disasters. But when Bobby suggests a stop at the Copa, a plush night club, the girls reconsider and go with them. Amazingly Hank admits they are financially challenged, but the girls don't seem to mind as they head back to the coffee shop.

X-Men Origins VIII: I, The Iceman

An X-Men Family Album Feature. "Hi, folks, I'm the Iceman and I can do lots of cool things!" or so it starts. Iceman shows off for the reader his ice slide, projecting ice balls, his ice boomerang, ice shield, ice ladder. "And boys and girls, where does all this ice come from? It's called moisture!!" His chemistry allows him to control his body temperature without harming himself and alter the temperature of the atmosphere around him creating ice and snow. If you've been reading the X-Men, you kinda figured this stuff out all ready...


Issue No.48 (1968)

Issue No.48- Beware Computo Commander of the Robot Hive! (1968)

Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) jump starts this issue showing a lot of skin (by X-Men standards) as a bikini swimsuit model for a fashion magazine! While being "shot" she mentally runs down the current situation for X-Men readers. Beast (Hank McCoy) and Iceman (Bobby Drake) have been sent to California. Jean and Cyclops (Scott Summers remain in New York City and Angel (Warren Worthington III is the roving X-Man.

Cyclops works as a reporter. Scott and Jean at long last have found each other romantically after a long painful series of near misses.

48 Big Swimsuit Jean

Jean Grey- Swimsuit Model (1968)

Meanwhile at a subterranean structure that "defies the wildest of satanic imaginings" three cybernetic agents in a hive of hundreds are awakened to serve their master Computo! They try to steal a transmitter from the radio station Scott works at. Scott and Jean intervene. During the fight, a big fat green, wind-sucking agent causing a cyclone of air that sweeps Cyclops and smacks him against a wall! Then it tries to crush Cyclops with a gigantic belly flop (I'm not kidding!), but it's attack is interrupted by Marvel Girl who telekinetically hangs the big wind bag in the air as Cyclops levels his visor and blows it to smithereens! Fleeing the scene, Marvel Girl and Cyclops follow the Ultrasonic Agent to it's liar under a sand and gravel pit.

In the tunnels below Marvel Girl and Cyclops take the fight to the cybernetic agents. The hive of agents awaken but the X-Men prove to be formidable opponents. Marvel Girl blocks a group of agents with a mental wall of energy and then slams them with a thought. Cyclops delivers multiple blast to Computo, blowing it up.

Marvel Girl wonders what the ultimate intelligence is behind these machines. Her question is answered by the appearance of an ugly green "Hulk" looking creature, calling himself Quasimodo, "the living product of man and machine"! Apparantly feeling out matched, Quasimodo leaves, pulling a switch which opens an underground river torrent as he disappears through an exit! Marvel Girl grabs Cyclops by the hand and levitates them out of the cavern. Cyclops then blasts their exit to contain the river. For now, they decide that ends the threat of Quasimodo for now. 

X-Men Origins IX: Yours Truly The Beast

A X-Men family album feature. The Beast describes to the reader the power of his body, specifically in his hands and feet which give him super locomotion, superior strength, freakish flexibility, the ability to absorb impact from great heights, able to deliver powerful shots using his body as a weapon, whether it be from his feet or his hands. He also possesses great intellect mastering complicated machinery and appreciaes fine literature. The end!


Issue No.49 (1968)

Issue No.49- Who Dares Defy...The Demi-Men? (1968)

This issue starts a good four issue story arc. When the X-Men dispersed they forgot all about Cerebro, Xavier's mutant detection device. Angel (Warren Worthington III visits the mansion to discover Cerebro chirping an alarm. A large number of mutants are on the move! Now that Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) is telepathic, Angel reaches out to her for a psychic conference with the other team members who are spread across the country. The team convenes in San Francisco to figure out what is going on. As you recall, the X-Men had split up relocating on both costs to deal with mutant threats. They decide to assemble at the Beast (Hank McCoy) and Iceman's (Bobby Drake) apartment in San Francisco. Soon after the East Coast X-men, Cyclops, Angel, and Marvel Girl board a quinjet loaned to them by the Avengers to make a quick trip to the West Coast.

The bad guy for this episode, Mesmero (Vincent), is a disciple of Magneto is using a Psyche-Generator to summon latent Mutants, who don't know they are mutants, to come to him in a trance like state.

Iceman saves a girl, Lorna Dane after she trips on some of his ice. She awakens from her trance and wonders what she is doing 1200 miles from home? He takes her back to his apartment apparently fond of her. An irritated Hank, asks Bobby if he is out of his mind, bringing a girl to their apartment when the rest of the X-gang could arrive at any time. Just then, the door swings open and in walks the East Coast X-Men!

The X-Men locate and fight Mesmero's elite guards.

49big-most indecisive couple

Most Indecisive Couple 1968

Back at the apartment Beast cranks up his new portable Cerebro (mutant detection device) and it immediately picks up a mutant signal in the next room. Yes, it is Polaris (Lorna Dane). now with green hair who walks out in a robe having taken a shower. Hank introduces himself and she explains that her green hair has been something she has always had to hide by dying it, but the dye always washes out. The X-Men realize Lorna is a latent mutant, who does not realize she has powers or what those powers are. When they mention mutant, she has no idea what they are talking about.

Bobby stays behind to watch over Lorna as the X-Men take off to confront Mesmero, but in a surprise move, Mesmero and his helpers, bursts into the apartment and apprehend them. Surprisingly, they say they are there to worship her! Story continues in Issue No. 50.

X-Men Origins X: A Beast is Born

The scene opens with Hank McCoy's father wrestling with a crisis at a breeder reactor nuclear power plant. The clock turns back momentarily to a time when Horton McCoy and Edna Andrews, Hank's Mom and Dat are married. Then the story rapidly jumps back to the crisis with the reactor where there is an electrical short and a volunteer is needed to go into the observation deck and manually lower carbon rods into the reactor to prevent a melt down. That volunteer is Horton McCoy who saves the day but is exposed to radiation in the process. And surprise, turns out his kid, Hank is a mutant with surprising strength as an infant with more surprises to come!


Issue No.50 (1968)

Issue No.50- Hail, Queen of Mutants! (1968)

The introduction of a new stylized graphic presentation by Jim Steranko does wonders for the X-Men story, which includes elevated tension along with snappy story telling, some intriguing events involving the destiny of Lorna Dane and the resurrection of Magneto! Magneto reappearing is not that surprising, but his relationship to Lorna is!

The story is a continuation from Issue No.49. A group of mysterious men apprehend, Polaris (Lorna Dane) and Iceman's (Bobby Drake) from his apartment.

The scene switches to the desert and a "fortress of fiendishness and memorial to malevolence!" that rises out of the ground along with a giant billboard, proclaiming "City of Mutants"! Once his "missile powered" car has entered the fortress, Mesmero (Vincent) orders Iceman to be placed in cell twelve. He orders the Mutant Energy Stimulator be prepared to zap Lorna Dane and awaken her mutant powers! Three seconds of magic and Lorna Dane is transformed!


Lorna Dane- Queen of the Mutants! (1968)

Meanwhile, the X-Men, minus Iceman, crash the Mesmero's sinister mansion, but instead of Mesmero, they find lots of guards to engage in battle. Some outstanding physical action as Beast (Hank McCoy), Angel (Warren Worthington III, and Cyclops (Scott Summers take turns pummeling the bad guys.

Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) gets a distress call from Bobby. Realizing that he and Lorna are captives, she has no idea where they are, so she sends a mental message to the boys to let themselves be captured. The idea is that they will be taken to the same place as Iceman. However, as they ease up, they are surprised by a giant plastic bag that drops on them filled with K-19, knock-out gas perfected by Magneto! The guards dance with joy at the thought of presenting the X-Men to Mesmero at Mutant City!

Citing Magneto as his inspiration, Mesmero hopes the transformation of Lorna Dane will bring forward a new, ultra powerful and invincible leader for the bad guys to worship! (She is hot.) As she steps forward in a sexy green outfit, out of the Mutant Stimulator, Mesmero proclaims she is the "DAUGHTER OF MAGNETO-- And Queen of the Mutants! Hail, glorious queen!!" The X-Men realize Lorna Dane is the weapon M-2 as in Magneto the second and wonder.

Marvel Girl mentally breaks Iceman's bonds. As Mesmero chants "Daughter of the emperor of evil-- offspring of our beloved leader-- now turn your insuperable power to the destruction of those who took your father from us!", Iceman yells, "Lorna, don't do it!!"

"From every living cell of the mutant being (Lorna Dane) flow mighty waves of incredible force, slamming outward to human targets into a labyrinthine limbo", yet, incredibly, the force is focused on Mesmero's agents, who go flying! Then Angel sweeps in and scoops Lorna up. An undeterred Mesmero focuses his mental energies for combat as the X-Men close on him! But before they can dish out a lick'n, the ground rises up and knocks the X-Men down. "No it can't be, only one mutant can do that!" the X-men shout! "But it is me, Magneto.!!" And there stands the baddest of bad mutants, Lorna Dane's father, HOLY CRAP! (Story continued in Issue No.51.)

X-Men Origins XI: This Boy, This Bombshell!

More on boyhood Hank McCoy (Beast)- he can hang on walls! He does not know his own strength! He becomes a high school football star and single handedly foils a robbery of the stadium ticket office! The end!


Issue No.51 (1968)

Issue No.51- The Devil Had a Daughter! (1968)

Story Details

Continued from Issue No.50, at Mutant City, Magneto, who was thought dead, now stands before the X-Men and to their shock, calls Polaris (Lorna Dane) his daughter. No prior communications, no getting to know you moments, the bad guy appears and delivers an ultimatum to his child, "make your choice, the X-Men or me!"

Beast (Hank McCoy) and Cyclops (Scott Summers are sure that Lorna will pick her father, even if she knows him not. However Iceman's (Bobby Drake) who is enamored with Lorna, feels that if he can reveal the truth, they just might stand a chance of gaining her as an alley, so he confronts Magneto and challenges him to admit he has a mad ego, the fortunes he's stolen, the lives he's taken, and generally all of the bad things he stands for! Iceman gets so worked up, as he is ready to launch himself at Magneto, the other X-Men hold him back asking him to reconsider. Lorna asks him, "not to waste yourself on me!" But when Iceman makes it clear he means to take Magneto on, no matter what, Cyclops accepts fate and flattens Magneto with a mighty punch! Lorna looks distressed as Magneto commands Mesmero (Vincent) to "put an end to these noxious fools!"

Iceman's first concern seems to be Lorna as he whisks her up in his arms and she wonders why she feels so strange in his arms... But Cyclops breaks the spell "Hey, Casanova Jr, we need your help over here!" Iceman sprays down the bad guys (agents) with ice, sticking them to the floor so Angel and Beast can thump them! But there are lots more and three of them manage to apprehend Cyclops and slip a special helmet to block his optic energy. Beast is occupied with the mini-grenade mines that Magneto flings at him as Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) protects Iceman who has expended his energy, by hanging two agents in the air with her mental energy.

With extreme exertion, Cyclops blasts the helmet off of his head and the X-Men regroup to attack! Magneto counters by throwing every loose nut and bolt, every piece of scrap metal at them! Marvel Girl is able to shield herself and Beast behind her mental wall. Angel is pummeled, but seeks shelter behind Cyclops as he blast everything that comes at him.

As Magneto increases his exertion, Lorna pleads with her father, "Is there no other way?" "None", replies her father as Marvel Girl starts to loose her energy and Angel decides it might be a good time to retreat! However escape is not easy as Mesmero's agents form a circle, putting up a negative energy wall and Angel is bound up in Magneto-powered constricting steel cables! As a last resort, Cyclops blasts the ceiling of the structure causing the roof to collapse and everyone to scatter! Iceman sees Lorna trying to free her father from debris as the X-Men retreat and escape in one of Mesmero's rockets, as they debate if Lorna has joined the bad mutants or not.

Back at Hank and Bobby's apartment, Scott suggests that Bobby sit the next round on the sidelines because he is emotionally involved with Lorna, but Bobby takes offense and all most starts a fist fight! Scott references his plan for Magneto and Hanks asks "what plan?"

The episode ends as the scene shifts to Mutant City several days when Mesmero's agents detect an intruder, but it's not the X-Men! They scatter as a large red alien Viking, with flames shooting out of his hands and calling himself Erik The Red, demands an audience with Magneto!! (Story continued).

X-Men Origins XII: The Lure of the Beast-Nappers!

The forth Beast back story. Hank McCoy, high school football star, is the object of the Conquistador's plan for world domination. The Conquistador and his henchmen try to abduct Hank without luck as he is too quick on his feet, bouncing around the landscape! The second attempt, "Operation Snare" all most fails until Hank is zapped by Conquistador's trident. Hank's home is under surveillance by Iceman who reports back to Professor Xavier that the boy and his parents are missing! Xavier ponders who has realized Hanks full potential, while at the bad guy's HQ, the Conquistador threatens Hanks with his parents death if he does not cooperate! (Story continued)



Issue No.52 1969

Issue No.52- Twilight of the Mutants! (1968)

Story Details

If you recall from the end of the last issue, Erik the Red was standing outside of Mutant City demanding an audience with a now invalid Magneto (who had his legs crushed last issue). Just who is this Erik? Not waiting to find out, Mesmero (Vincent) sends his agents to attack Erik, who mows them down left and right with energy that erupts from his finger tips. Mesmero seems over confident in his ability to handle Erik, until Erik's well placed shot starts a wild chain reaction causing a portion of mutant city to collapse. All participants scatter for their lives to avoid the falling debris which traps Mesmero and his agents.

Polaris (Lorna Dane) observing Erik approaching the inner chamber of the city on a view finder, and despite knowing her father is a bad person, she vows to defend his life. Confronting Erik the Red, Lorna commands him to stop. Erik tells her, he admires her father and wants to join them. She relays the request to an injured Magneto who feels they have no choice but to grant Erik an audience and ends up agreeing that Erik will be in charge until he recovers.

Back at the X-Men's apartment, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) receives a message from Cyclops (Scott Summers, "ready to begin Operation Twilight, rendezvous as planned!"

In Mutant City, Mesmero (Vincent) does not take the news well, being pushed aside for Erik the Red, but he submits. Lorna observes Erik and wonders why she does not sense "evil vibrations" like the others, nor is she happy with the prospect of a love-less life beside her evil father, Magneto.

The X-Men arrive minus Iceman and sneak into Mutant City. Suddenly they are spotted by Erik, but amazingly Marvel Girl walks up to him and gives him a big hug. It is Cyclops in disguise who has been Erik the Red all along!! Angel (Warren Worthington III is equipped with a roll of copper tape (Cyclop's plan) to electrocute the bad guys as he runs it along the floor. But just as they pull the switch, in runs Iceman and "CRZZZ!", Iceman is electrocuted. Just as suddenly, a powerful blast destroys the power circuit, preventing the floor from being re-energized. Mesmero has discovered the X-Men's plot, destroyed the control panel, and attacks with his agents! A fight ensues as Angel "BWOOOSHes" some agents, Marvel Girl sends up a wall of mental power, and Beast (Hank McCoy) carries an unconscious Iceman to a safer location. In quick succession, Mesmero tries to attack Angel with psychic energy, just as Beast thumps him. Mesmero then turns on Beast as Marvel Girl zaps Mesmero with her psychic energy! Cyclops, in his Erik costume starts blasting enemy agents, Marvel Girl and Mesmero engage in a mental duel, while Beast knocks more agents around.

Magneto realizes it is the X-Men and asks for his daughter's help. She is conflicted, but feels compelled to save him. As she walks towards a show down with the X-men, Iceman surprises her and more surprisingly she embraces him, as he tells her some very important news! "MAGNETO IS NOT YOUR FATHER!!"

To summarize, Lorna's parents were killed in a plane crash when she was an infant. Her Aunt and Uncle raised her, but when Magneto became aware of her, and her mutant powers, he manipulated her into believing he was her father! (He likes doing that, think of Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch) "Then I'm not the Queen of those twisted beings?" she asks. Bobby confirms as she stomps off to settle a score with Mesmero and her "darling Dad"!

The X-Men are now in a bind as an evil agent holds a gun to Angel's head and threatens to pull the trigger, when suddenly "CRZZZZZZZ!", Mesmero and his agents are floored by a blast of psychic power. "My daughter, have you gone mad?" Magneto yells. Lorna replies, I have no father, and will destroy you with the very powers he helped her develop! Not surprisingly, Magneto disappears and leaves a taped message congratulating the X-Men on out performing his expectations, and oh, btw, Mutant City is going to explode and kill you all! He-he! Marvel Girl senses bombs about to go off and they manage to vacate the premises before "BATWOOM!", Mutant City explodes. Back at the apartment, the X-men are once again a happy family and Bobby has an attentive green haired admirer, Lorna Dane.

X-Men Origins XIII: The Crimes of the Conquistador!

The fifth Beast Back story. Hank has been captured by the Conquistador and taken to his hideout and abandoned power station. Because he is aware of Hank's great mutant abilities, he threatens Hank's parents and demands that Hank help him create a miniature power plant to power Conquistador's electronic arsenal. Hank agrees and sneaks into a top secret government facility to steal an experimental miniature nuclear reactor and gets away with the device! (Story continued.)


Issue No.53

Issue No.53- The Rage of Blastaar! (1969)


Mostly a forgettable episode in the X-Men saga. Marvel Girl is experimenting with one of Xavier's mind machines and in some vague way causes it to draw Blastaar, a humanoid who has been banned to "negative space" out of the heavens, and into the X-Men lab where he fights the X-Men for a while, before Blastaar gets either destroyed or pulled back into space due to some water on the floor that makes an electrical conduit between him and Xavier's machine which is still chugging along.

X-Men Origins XIV: Welcome To The Club, Beast!

Continued from Issue No.52. Hank McCoy has done the Conquistador's bidding to steal an experimental solar generator. As the Sun nears sunrise, Hank realizes that the entire world is threatened by Conquistador and his electronic devices, now powered by the generator he stole, so he tries to destroy it. But just as Conquistador threatens to destroy Beast, the door blows in by means of an optic blast and in charge Cyclops, Angel, and Iceman! Fighting as expected, but as the sun rises and Conquistador pushes the fateful button, instead of his machines being powered, the electricity flows into him and "KWOOM!" the place blows up presumably along with the Conquistador but not before the boys have a chance to escape. We find that Professor Xavier has messed with the machine's electronic circuits using his telekinetic powers and a little brain wiping on the Professor's part causes none of the third parties to remember a thing. The episode ends with Beast donning an X-Man uniform and becoming part of the X-Men team!


Issue No.54 (1969)

Issue No.54- Wanted: Dead or Alive- Cyclops! (1969)


This is a five episode story arc. The X-Men take on the Living Pharaoh who abducts Havok (Alex Summers), Scott's younger brother. The Pharaoh is a mutant and feels threatened by other mutants and selects Alex (who does not yet know he is a mutant) for death. There is a fight, the Living Pharaoh looks rather dead, and because Cyclops is present, when the police show up, they try to arrest him for murder, but concerned about his missing brother, Cyclops resists arrest and goes searching for his brother in the tunnels under the Pharaoh's base.

Note: I found this story arc to be underwhelming. Ask yourself who do the police think this pharaoh guy is? How did they end up at his headquarters to discover him dead, and where the heck are they? Additionally, the story does not do a good job explaining how the rest of the X-Men leaving a fight at the Pharaoh's HQ, end up hearing a bulletin on the radio about Cyclops being wanted for murder! The X-Men were standing right there when Pharaoh reappeared. Maybe they did not see anything? Either this is intrigue to keep the reader guessing or it is confusing and poor story telling imo. The story gets better as it continues.

X-Men Origins XV: Million Dollar Angel!

As a kid Warren Worthington III (Angel) likes climbing trees and scaring his parents to death! Warren's parents are wealthy and he leads a privileged life. He is smart and athletic, outperforming all others at school. To his shock, Warren sprouts wings in boarding school although they are too small to be of use. But as time goes by they grow larger and when Warren is faced with a dorm fire with no way out except the window he leaps and discovers he can fly! He also realizes there are other people trapped in the dormitory so he finds a rope in the schools prop room, along with a blond wig and a night shirt. And what looks like a real angel flies to the upper rooms of the dorm and delivers the rope to the unbelieving students, but they are happy for the rope. Afterwards all the boys are excited and one of them vows to discover who the angel might be! (story continued.)


Issue No. 55 (1969)

Issue No.55- The Living Pharaoh! (1969)


Characters Featured: Havok (Alex Summers), Living Pharaoh. Alex Summers is not known as Havok in this issue. Second part of the Living Pharaoh story arc. The X-Men pursue Pharaoh to Egypt with both Alex and Cyclops as prisoners. Once there, the rest of the X-Men catch up, the usual fight and by natural instinct, Alex discovers he is a mutant who can project power from his hands (a fairly standard mutant ability) smacking down the Living Pharaoh. The Pharaoh is captured, and the story is continued.

55Big-Alex Summers Mutant

Alex Summers- Mutant (55)

X-Men Origins XVI: Where Angels Dare To Tread!

Angel zooms in on a warehouse robbery and armed with what looks like a gas gun with pellets, lets them have it from above! Then with a portable radio, he calls the cops before diving on them and finishing the robbery with his fists. Back at his apartment Angel is miffed because he does not get credit for stopping the crime. There is mention of some guy with wings, but that is discounted by authorities.

Angel is now working free lance and is wearing primarily red colored outfit. Based on news reports regarding the foiled robbery, he comes to the attention of the X-Men who show up at his apartment and offer membership in the X-Men. Angel's response: "You gotta be kiddin!" (Story continued.)


Issue No.56 (1969)

Issue No.56- The Power? (1969)


Part 3 of the Living Pharaoh story arc. For some reason the X-men think that an archeological dig site is a good place to figure out what to do with the Living Pharaoh, but it just turns out to be a good place for the Pharaoh's henchmen to attack them. The Pharaoh makes off with Havok (Alex Summers) and locks him into a glass coffin. It is said that Pharaoh and Alex are linked with a relationship where if one gets power the other loses it, so the intent is to suck out Alex's powers which turns the Living Pharaoh into the Living Monolith, a big powerful stoney guy. However Alex concentrates, and gets both his and Pharaoh's powers back as he blasts open the coffin and destroys the tomb in the process. The Pharaoh is captured and Alex freaks about his un-controllable power. (Story continued.)

X-Men Origins XVII: The Flying A-Bomb!

Continues from last issue... It appears that if Angel won't voluntarily join the X-Men, in fact he attacks them as Xavier sends out a message to Cyclops and Iceman that they must capture him because... then the message breaks off. The two X-Men defend themselves from Angel's attacks and try not to hurt him. Finally Xavier sends out a mental message which Angel hears. "Is this some kind of a trick?" he asks. Cyclops tells him to listen to the voice and something in Xavier's demeanor makes Angel trust him. Xavier tells him that a vial he took from the thieves in the warehouse robbery contains a nuclear explosive that is activated by Angel's mutant body. Angel takes the explosive and flies it high into the sky into the cold upper limits of the atmosphere, where at the Professor's suggestion he takes the top off the vial to deactivate it. And it turns out that the gas pellets he used on the robbers had an unintended effect of inflating his ego, explaining why he was so eager to fight Cyclops and Iceman. Xavier offers membership in the X-men and Angel accepts.


Issue No.57 (1969)

Issue No.57- The Sentinels Live! (1969)


Part 4 of the Living Pharaoh story arc, the transformation of Havok (Alex Summers) into a powerful mutant, and the return of the The Sentinels. Polaris (Lorna Dane) is abducted from her apartment in Manhattan by the Sentinels.

In Egypt, the Living Pharaoh is under X-Men custody but when the police show up, it's revealed the Living Pharaoh is also Professor Abdol, a noted archeologist and the police decide to arrest the X-Men and Alex Summers who inadvertently destroyed an ancient temple.

The X-Men fight the police. Alex runs off into the desert and while hiding in a cave runs into a Sentinel. The X-Men become aware that something happened to Lorna, so Iceman and Beast return to NYC to find her. At Cyclops's apartment, they watch a televised news conference where Larry Trask, son of Dr. Bolivar Trask (The original creator of the Sentinels. See Issue No.14), calls mutants a threat, as a sinister entity lurks outside their apartment window. (Story continued.)

57big-Beast takes a dive

Beast Takes A Dive! (57)

X-Men Origins XVIII: The Female of the Species!

Hi, I'm Marvel Girl, I can move things telekinetically, paring an apple with a knife just using my mind, clean the house just thinking about it, deflect projectiles, unlock locks, even levitate myself and others. You don't want to be on my bad side as I can fry your brain a little using the mental ability that Professor Xavier trained me for and I can communicate with others telepathically . Not only can I disrupt street crimes with ease, but I'm also a real head turner! The end!


Issue No.58 (1969)

Issue No.58- Mission Murder! (1969)


The 5th part of the Living Pharaoh story arc morphs into the second Sentinels showdown. Havok (Alex Summers) finally becomes known as Havok as opposed to plain old Alex Summers! And a shocker, Magneto, the Magneto in this issue is revealed to be an android! So will the real Magneto please stand up?

If you read the first Sentinels encounter, you might expect something to go wrong and you don't have long to wait. Larry Trask, son of Bolivar Trask and the leader of the new Sentinels, wears a medallion given to him by his Dad and has sworn he'll always wear it. The reason for this will be made clear as the story progresses.

Story Details

In the last issue, Beast (Hank McCoy) and Iceman's (Bobby Drake) were in Cyclops's (Scott Summers apartment catching the "mutants are bad!" news conference when a Sentinel explodes through the wall, attacking them. Iceman tells Beast to get out and warn the other X-Men who are in Egypt chasing after the Living Pharaoh. Beast reluctantly leaves, feeling guilty as Bobby fights the Sentinel alone, a feeling reinforced when Beast sees the Sentinel take to the skies with Iceman in its grasp.

On the television, Larry Trask, son of Dr. Bolivar Trask drones on about evil mutants, the ones who murdered his Father and how he has improved the Sentinels, making them bigger, and better with improved intelligence and better weapons. When asked, how can we be sure The Sentinels won't run amuck again, Trask claims that the Sentinels did not rebel the first time, instead it was an X-Men trick. Of course, Trask is mistaken.

Judge Chalmers, Trask's co-sponser of the "rounding up mutants" plan is on the phone with Larry Trask expressing doubt that all mutants are evil. Trask tortures Iceman with a steam bath that temporarily takes away his powers. Then he video tapes Iceman's reaction, attacking him, to be used as proof for the world that mutants are violent! (Hmm, who would not feel a bit violent after such treatment?)

Iceman discovers that Alex Summers and Polaris (Lorna Dane) have also been captured. Trask has named Alex, "Havok", a name that seems to agree with him and he is wearing a mutant outfit. He tells Iceman, if he donned his uniform and cooperated, Trask would leave the other X-Men alone, including Lorna. This appears to be a lye. While flying back to the U.S., Angel (Warren Worthington III is also captured by Sentinels.

The scene switches to a television news report describing the newly created Federal Council on Mutant Activities who approves of Sentinels scouring the country, apprehending mutants. Surprisingly, one of the council members is none other than Professor Abdol (Living Pharaoh)! One minute he is raving about the dangerous X-Men and the next minute he feels himself transforming into the Living Monolith(#)... that is until the Sentinels arrive and spray him down with a special adhesive that blocks cosmic rays (the source of mutant powers). The Sentinels take Abdol into custody. (# if not made clear earlier in this narrative, when Havok loses power, the Living Pharaoh gains power, turning into the Living Monolith.)

The Sentinels find Mesmero and Magneto's hideout. Mesmero can't stop the Sentinel using his mental powers and begs Magneto to save him. The Sentinel hits Magneto with a ray revealing that this Magneto is a robot as it falls apart!

After an attack by the Banshee and a disagreement with Judge Chalmers regarding mutant treatment, Trask overreacts and orders the Sentinels to capture and destroy all mutants nearby. In response, Chalmers seizes the medallion from around his neck, causing the Sentinels to no longer recognize Trask as their leader. Not only is he not their leader, but the head Sentinel tells Trask, he is a is a mutant who must be destroyed! (Story continued.)


Issue No.59 (1969)

Issue No.59- Do or Die, Baby! (1969)


The sixth episode of the Living Pharaoh/Sentinels story arc. (See Issue No.14 for the first Sentinel encounter.) While flying in the Quin Jet searching for the Sentinels' mutant captives, Cyclops's (Scott Summers, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), and Beast (Hank McCoy) are blasted out of the sky by a Sentinel projectile. They survive and sneak into the Sentinel base. Larry Trask now realizes he is a mutant with the power of clairvoyance. But before he lost his position as leader of The Sentinels, in an emotional moment, he gave them an order to "kill all mutants". Ironically he has been labeled one of the mutants to be killed.

At the Sentinels' headquarters, we resume Larry Trask's mutinous encounter with the head Sentinel. First, Trask expresses some mutant empathy, for the X-Men on the Quin Jet. If they had died, he felt bad. Secondly he wants to know why the new Sentinel leader keeps calling him a mutant?

Judge Chalmers is there to answer that question. Turns out Larry Trask is a mutant with the gift of clairvoyance. As a child he predicted the time of his Mother's death. His father, Bolivar Trask created a medallion that erased Larry's memory of the event and muted his natural ability as long as he wore it. He made the young Larry Trask swear he would always wear it. Then his father, who feared other mutants would discover his son's ability, started the original campaign to round up all mutants as a way of protecting his son.

When the younger Trask issued the "kill mutant" command in the last episode, Chalmers pulled the medallion from his neck to bring back his lost memory, but the unintended consequence was that the Sentinels no longer viewed Trask as their leader and intend on carrying out his last command (as their leader) to "round up all nearby mutants and destroy them!" Trask protests, but he is knocked out with gas and placed in a holding tube as reports roll in regarding the capture of Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch, Unus, Mastermind, Blob, and one of Magneto's former disciples, Toad.

After fighting their way into the Sentinel base, Cyclops engages in some logic with the Sentinel leader convincing him that the best way for Sentinels to protect humans is to remove the source of the radiation that causes mutation. The Sentinels agree and decide to go after the primary source of radiation, our Sun. In unison The Sentinels leave Earth for the Sun and dive into it, which leaves the reader wondering if their intent was to destroy the Sun, if they know of a way to stop the Sun from emitting radiation, and finally do they have the ability to survive direct contact with the Sun? These questions are not answered.

Back on Earth, Havok whose power is building as indicated by his chest monitor, wonders if it would be better if he destroyed himself before he hurts others as he blows a hole in the wall of the Sentinel compound and ends up unconscious under a pile of rubble. Cyclops needs to get his little brother, Havok to a doctor. A call is placed to a colleague of Professor Xavier's. Then a strange scene is revealed as the call is answered in Manhattan by a man calling himself Dr. Lykos sitting before a human chained to a wall wearing some kind of an apparatus on his head and shoulders. For more info, see the Dr. Lykos (Sauron) link. (Story Continued.)


Issue No.60 (1969)

Issue No.60- In the Shadow of Sauron! (1969)


The aftermath of the second Sentinels encounter. The Sentinels have flown to the Sun where their fate is unknown.

Larry Trask former leader of the Sentinels is sitting in a daze. In an effort to help Larry Trask recover, Judge Chalmers, (who knows the power of the medallion he removed from Trask several episodes ago), slips it back around Trask's neck. This medallion removes Trask memory of being a mutant and mutes his ability of clairvoyance. Chalmers also plans on releasing the mutants who were captured by the Sentinels, which is ok with the X-Men who are leaving. On the flight out, Polaris (Lorna Dane) asks to become part of the X-Men.

Unable to control his power, Havok (Alex Summers) injured himself in the last issue after the fight with the Sentinels. Cyclops's (Scott Summers and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) have taken him to see Dr. Lykos, a colleague of Professor Xavier who has a dark secret.

Dr. Lykos, due to no fault of his own has been transformed into a vampire, except this vampire preys on human energy instead of blood. Lykos has also discovered that when he preys on mutants, his energy absorption is so high, it transforms him into something that looks like a pteranodon and brings out his evil nature, so evil, he has named himself Sauron. Lykos tells them, he needs privacy to work. Scott and Jean agree to leave Alex there.

After reports of a winged thief, rumored to be a mutant hits the news, Angel (Warren Worthington III does not like the idea of a bad, winged mutant takes off to patrol the sky and runs into Sauron. When goaded into looking into Sauron's eyes, Angel gets a surprise! (Story continued.)


Issue No.61 (1969)

Issue No.61- Monsters Also Weep! (1969)


Angel (Warren Worthington III stares into Dr. Lykos's (Sauron) eyes seeing monstrous hallucinations! The X-men fight Sauron. And as Sauron starts to revert to his non-flying human state, he hypnotizes Angel and commands Angel to take him back to his office. Afterwards Angel returns to the mansion in a post-hypnotic daze. Dr. Lykos tells Tanya Anderssen, his love that he can't be with her until he has the "means" and the "power".

The X-Men pick up Havok (Alex Summers), who is feeling better but weak at Lykos's office after being drained of energy. Back at the Mansion, concerned about Angel's state, the X-Men decide to speak to Lykos. But as they leave, Lykos sneeks into the Mansion, draws on Polaris's (Lorna Dane) energy, transforms into Sauron, and flies to the Anderssen mansion to kill Tanya's Father (who is against them being together).

Crashing through the window with murderous intent, Sauron vows to kill Dr. Anderssen who is against him being with his daughter, Tanya. Dr Anderssen and Tanya recognize the hideous creature's voice as Karl Lykos. As Sauron descends to kill Anderssen, he is caught completely by surprise by Beast's (Hank McCoy) flying feet that stomp him upside the beak, followed by an optic blast and some ice for good measure.

The jolt brings Sauron to his senses as he finally realizes how bad a bird he has been. And he wonders how the woman he loves could ever forgive him, if he had killed her Father. Feeling serious regret and unworthy, he flees the scene vowing to retreat to a place where no one can ever find him. But Tanya, thinks she knows where he has gone, and vows that "the girl who loves him will find him before anyone else does".

Sauron flies across the seas until he arrives at Tierra Del Fuego to "My Father's cabin, where I was born, where I met my true love Tanya, and it is here, my life must end". His plan is to sit and starve to death. The days roll by and he weakens, but one day he hears a voice, "Karl!". It's Tanya who has found him. "No, oh good Lord, no!" he thinks in alarm, "I'm so ravenous, that one touch might kill her!" Then he sees her as young, alive, and full of vibrant energy, but then snaps out of it and realizing he can't bring himself to hurt her, instead, opts to run and throw himself off a cliff. Tanya is right behind him and would have followed him over the side if not for the mental barrier thrown up by Marvel Girl (Jean Grey). The X-men have followed Tanya but they were unable to save the tortured soul known as Dr. Lykos! (Story continues!)


Issue No.62 (1969)

Issue No.62- Strangers In A Savage Land! (1969)


Dr. Lykos jumped off a cliff. Tanya Anderssen is grief stricken and leaves the X-Men to search for his body. The X-Men think Angel (Warren Worthington III is back in New York at the Mansion, but they don't know Angel has found a clue in Lykos's office, has ventured to Tierra Del Fuego and attacked by winged pteranodons, has fallen down a hole to the The Savage Land, a large subterranean underworld made up of jungles, previously featured in Issue No.10, where he is saved from death by the mysterious personality known as Creator (Spoiler Alert: don't click the Creator link until you've read the Summary!)

62big cyclops-trex

Cyclops Provides Dental Services

The X-Men venture to the Savage Land looking for Lykos's body and have run into their old acquaintance, the lacking-in-social-skills, Ka-Zar and his big cat Zabu. Kazar has a beef with the Swamp Savages now being led by the Creator. Kazar gets in over his head but with X-Men help beat some Savages who have captured a Water Person. Kazar takes off for a showdown with the Creator. Angel who is grateful to the Creator for saving his life, promises to intervene with Ka-Zar and the X-Men and as Angel leaves, the Creator laughs evilly saying, "this will give me the time needed to make me Master of the entire planet!" as he pats Magneto's helmet!

This Issue features Equilibrius, Creator, Savage Land Mutants: Gaza, Amphibius, Lupo, Brainchild, the Piper, and Herr Anderssen.

Issue No.63- War In The World Below! (1969)

Story Details

This issue concludes the story arc that began with issue No.54 with Cyclops's (Scott Summers wanted for the murder of the Living Pharaoh.

The story continues from the last issue, and begins with Magneto's', yes I said Magneto, gloating about how he has Angel (Warren Worthington III interceding with the X-Men on his behalf! The Creator and his Savage Land Mutates are in conflict with Ka-Zar and Angel has volunteered to straighten things out between the two groups.

Angel does not know that the Creator is Magneto with his usual diabolical plan to rule the world.

As Angel approaches the X-Men and Ka-Zar, because he is weaing a blue and white outfit, they are not sure who he is. Ka-Zar being a man of action, does not wait for confirmation, and whacks Angel with a tree, then takes off in search of the "Strange One", we now know to be Magneto. Angel tells the other X-Men his story and how he thinks the Creator is a good guy, just like Xavier, helping mutants and all.

The X-Men and Angel, help Ka-Zar when he is attacked by Gaza, the blind, mutant giant. Then Amphibius, who I like to call Mr. Frog, thumps Beast's (Hank McCoy) and thanks Angel for delaying their enemies so the Swamp Men can mount an attack! Angel says "Who me?", as a swarm of Swamp Savages come at them. The X-Men engage the Swamp Men as Angel leaves to confront the Creator!

Returning to the Creator's haunt alone, Angel surprises the Creator and Brainchild talking about creating mutants. Creator slips on his helmet says "It's time you learned who I really am! MAGNETO!" Angel replies, "But your dead! I saw you die in Issue 53!" (Well, he does not say that exactly.) Magneto is nice enough to explain that when both the X-Men and Avengers were after him, he realized it was a loosing proposition so when he fell into the ocean, he used his magnetic powers to dig a hole down to underground caverns and found the Savage Land. After taking over the Savage Land, his plan is to reemerge in the world above and conquer it too! As he talks, Magneto points at a glowing sphere. Angel sees it and yells "No, it can't be!"

After taking care of Swamp Men, the X-Men and Ka-Zar arrive at the Creator's liar and fight some of his minions. Advance into a room they are surprised when out prances Magneto with Angel in some kind of a trance. Overcoming their shock to see Magneto, he presents his latest creation, Lorelei! She is a beautiful long-haired, platinum blond, former Swamp Savage, turned into a neo-mutant by Magneto with the ability to mesmerize people with her voice which sounds like "oooo, ooooooo!" But, she only has this effect on men. Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) is still ready to fight! Magneto offers her a place by his side so they can rule the world together! (The effect pretty women have on men...)

Marvel Girl's answer is "NO!" as she flings a table at him, which he disintegrates with a hand held weapon. Magneto and Marvel Girl engage in a short dual, but she runs out of power and gives up. Magneto tells her, he can't use the full extent of his magnetic powers due to all the delicate machinery, in fact he is wearing a device that mutes his electromagnetic powers. "Oh?" thinks Marvel Girl as an optic-blast smashes Magneto's weapon. "But how?" cries Magneto. Resourceful Jean has used her telekinetic powers to lift Cyclops's visor! Not only does it destroy Magneto's weapon, but it then demolishes Magneto's delicate machinery or as Magneto describes it, "the work of a lifetime!".

About this time, as is the custom for Savage World residents who talk in third person, Lorelei says "Lorelei feels, so strange, like she'll soon be coming out of a deep sleep!" Magneto has one last hope for vengeance and that is to hurl the wreckage at the X-Men, but Cyclops tells him, "your too late!" And Magneto agrees "too late to do anything, but die!" as tons of machinery appear to fall on him.

This Issue also features: Equilibrius, Gaza, Amphibius, Barbarus, Brainchild, and Lupo.



Issue No.64 (1970)

Issue No.64- The Coming of Sunfire! (1970)


This episode begins with what appears as a new evil mutant, Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) standing on a building top looking down at people and calling them ants and insects! He crashes a ceremony at the U.N. where Japanese Statesmen Mr. Saburo Yoshida is dedicating a statue to the youth of the world. Sunfire destroys the stature and calls Yoshida as everyone scrambles! The X-Men show up to fight the mutant stranger who escapes with a burst of incredible speed.

Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida), (Diplomat Saburo Yoshida's son) and his Nationalistic Uncle have a score to settle with the U.S.A from the WWII atomic bombing of Hiroshima, that turned his mother into an invalid.

Years ago his Uncle helped train and focus Shiro's mutant powers by picking up Hiroshima's soil. His powers include fire shooting from his fingertips, incredible speed and the ability to fly.

In Washington D.C. at the Nation's Capitol, Sunfire plans on blowing up the Capital Building! The X-Men fight him on the dome. Overhead the X-men engage him. Sunfire proves to be a difficult opponent.

Mr Yoshida appears on the roof of he Capital, "Stop!" he commands Sunfire. "Father, don't make me choose between two worlds,my head is spinning!" replies Sunfire. Just then, his hateful Uncle appears and says, "I'll chose for you!" as he whips out a pistol and shoots Shiro's Father who falls off the dome. Sunfire returns fire, killing his Uncle! Sunfire gets a few last words with his Dad who tells him, "Live only for the future, not for the past! Forge the tools of peace from the chains of war!" and then he dies. The episode ends with Shiro Yoshida morning for his father.


Issue No.65 (1970)

Issue No.65- Before I'd Be Slave (1970)


The X-Men are tired after their fight with Magneto and the Swamp Savages followed by Sunfire Upon returning to the mansion they are rushed into a briefing by Havok (Alex Summers). The interstellar warrior race, the Z'Nox are about to invade the Earth to conquer and enslave it's inhabitants.

Professor Xavier makes a surprise reappearance among the living. In the time frame of Issue 38 while the X-men fought the Mutant Master in the Alps, the Professor became aware of the pending Z'Non invasion and needed uninterrupted time to prepare for it. In typical Marvel Comic subterfuge, the Changeling came to the Professor and told him due to a disease, he only had six months to live and wanted to turn over a new leaf, doing something good before he died. Xavier asked him to become Xavier. Changeling agreed and since that time Xavier remained locked up in a private portion of the mansion's basement working out his plan to deal with the Z'Nox. During the fight with the Sub-Human Grotesk, the Changeling died (Issue No. 42). Not only did they all think it was Xavier, but apparantly he felt no need to let them know he was not dead! The X-Men are shocked!

65big-Xavier is reborn!

Xavier Lives! (1970)

A large scout ship acting with a homing beacon has landed at the South Pole. It is being followed by the Z'Nox's planet which can be moved by means of a Gravity Transformer Drive. It is the X-Men's job to assault the ship and help prevent the invasion. The X-Men use a rocket ship to assault the enemy ship. They fight, then get organized and form a huge mental network starting with Xavier. First he contacts millions of human minds and forms a mental network. Then all of the available mental energy is funneled through him, focused and sent to the X-Men from Polaris (Lorna Dane). to Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), who runs it through Havok who boosts the energy and passes it on to Cyclops (Scott Summers. Then as Iceman's (Bobby Drake) douses Cyclops with ice, he shoots a focused beam of mental power into the invading Z'Nox planet which causes such excruciatingly pain into the brains of the Z'Nox, they abandon their attack on Earth. However this feat leaves the Professor on death's doorstep again!


Issue No.66 (1970)

Issue No.66- Mutants And The Monster (1970)


To save Xavier, the X-Men seek out The Hulk (Bruce Banner). Xavier and Banner coordinated the invention of a Gamma Ray device to cure mental exhaustion. After some action lively action with the Hulk who just wants to be left alone, the X-Men locate the device in Banner's secret lab, return to Xavier and cure him.

X-Men Take a Break! (1970-75)

  • At this point, the X-Men take a 5 year break and although X-Men issues are published, they are repeats of earlier stories.
  • Issue No.67 (1970) repeats Issue No.12- The Origin of Professor X!
  • Issue No.68 (1971) repeats Issue No.14- Among Us Stalk the Sentinels!
  • Issue No.69 (1971) repeats Issue No.16- The Supreme Sacrifice!
  • Issue No.70 (1971) repeats Issue No.17- And None Shall Survive!
  • Issue No. 71 (1971) repeats Issue No.20- I, Lucifer...
  • Issue No. 72 (1971) repeats Issue No.21- From Whence Comes Dominus?
  • Issue No. 73 (1971) repeats Issue No.25- The Power and the Pendant!
  • Issue No. 74 (1972) repeats Issue No.26- Holocaust!
  • Issue No. 75 (1972) repeats Issue No.27- Re-enter the Mimic!
  • Issue No. 76 (1972) repeats Issue No.28- The Wail of the Banshee!
  • Issue No. 77 (1972) repeats Issue No.29- When Titans Clash!
  • Issue No. 78 (1972) repeats Issue No.30- The Menace of Merlin!
  • Issue No. 79 (1972) repeats Issue No.31- We Must Destroy The Cobalt Man!
  • Issue No. 80 (1973) repeats Issue No.32- Beware the Jugernaut, My Son!
  • Issue No. 81 (1973) repeats Issue No.33- Into the Crimson Cosmos!
  • Issue No. 82 (1973) repeats Issue No.34- War, in a World of Darkness!
  • Issue No. 83 (1973) repeats Issue No.35- Along Came A Spider!
  • Issue No. 84 (1973) repeats Issue No.36- Mekano Lives!
  • Issue No. 85 (1973) repeats Issue No.37- We The Jury...
  • Issue No. 86 (1974) repeats Issue No.38- The Sinister Shadow of Doomsday!
  • Issue No. 87 (1974) repeats Issue No.39- The Fateful Finale!
  • Issue No. 88 (1974) repeats Issue No.40- The Mark of the Monster!
  • Issue No. 89 (1974) repeats Issue No.41- Now Strikes...The Sub-Human!
  • Issue No. 90 (1974) repeats Issue No.42- If I should Die!
  • Issue No. 91 (1974) repeats Issue No.43- The Torch Is Passed!
  • Issue No. 92 (1975) repeats Issue No.44- Red Raven, Red Raven...!
  • Issue No. 93 (1975) repeats Issue No.45- When Mutants Clash!
  • The series is reborn with Giant Size X-Men 01(1975)!



GSX Vol.1 (1975)

Giant X-Men Vol.1- Second Genesis! (1975)


After a five year hiatus, Marvel resurrects the Uncanny X-Men with a slew of new X-Men. Cyclops (Scott Summers and Professor Xavier gather up new mutants to help them save the original X-Men team who are trapped on an island. Cyclops was there too, but he has no idea what happened.


Big and Bad Krakoa! (1975)

The culprit is a result of atomic bomb testing that has mutated the life on the island of Krakoa into a single monstrous creature that feeds on mutant energy. It takes super-mutant efforts by the team to defeat it. Storm (Ororo Munroe) creates an immense storm and feeds its energy into Lorna Dane.The X-Men funnel their power into Lorna, who sends a tremendous surge of energy to the Earth's core that momentarily cuts the magnetic lines of the Earth at their location, disrupting gravity. As the natural forces of the Earth slam back together, the island of Krakoa is lifted and launched into space. The X-Men barely escape but live to fight another day!

Read a more in-depth version of this issue at Uncanny X-Men Chronology Facts and Opinions which covers X-Men issues 1975-1979. Great reading!

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