Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Maa-Gor
  • Man-Ape tribesmen
  • Swamp Men tribesmen

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Antarctic explorers
  • Savage Land flora & fauna


The X-Men are training in the Danger Room when they notice that Angel is late. They go to his room to investigate where they find him fixated on a news broadcast about a wild man that saved a scientist near Antarctica. Believing that he is a mutant the X-Men go to Antarctica to find the wild man. After reaching Antarctica the X-Men are attacked by dinosaurs, and eventually Savage Land Mutates. Marvel Girl is kidnapped during the fighting. The X-Men come across the wild man, who turns out to be Ka-Zar. After the X-Men help him to fight off his enemy, Maa-Gor of the Man-Ape tribe, Ka-Zar agrees to help them rescue Marvel Girl. Angel is able to find Marvel Girl but gets captured by Swamp Men. Marvel Girl informs him that they are both going to be sacrificed. Suddenly a Tyrannosaurus Rex is released from a cage and goes after the two helpless X-Men. Marvel Girl slows it down long enough to allow Angel to free himself from his ropes, but they are unable to get away from the Swamp Men fast enough. The X-Men and Ka-Zar arrive just in time to save their friends. Ka-Zar calls a heard of Mastodons to take care of the Swamp Men. Afterwards, Cyclops tries to thank Ka-Zar for helping them, but he only tells them to leave and never come back. After the X-Men leave the Savage Land, Ka-Zar orders the mastodons to seal the tunnel leading to the outside.


Written by: Stan Lee

Drawn by: Jack Kirby

Inked by: Chic Stone

Lettered by: Sam Rosen


Ka-Zar is pronounced Kay-sar. This is also stated in the opening pages of this issue

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